October 2017
Featured Member
United Hebrew Home of New Rochelle
(New Rochelle, NY)

We are very proud to announce our featured member for October.

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Featured AJAS Business Partner
HJ Sims
(Fairfield, CT)
The future demise of LIBOR has been
widely reported by various sources
recently, creating a degree of uncertainty
in financial markets and a degree of
concern among organizations that have
commercial bank loans or interest rate
swap agreements. Sims prepared the
following to explain some basic aspects
of the situation and provide some
recommendations for our clients.  
AJAS 2018 Conference Reminders
Plans for the AJAS 2018 annual conference in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, are well under way. There are many ways to participate and contribute to the event. 
Award Nominations             Presentation Proposals
Due October 2                       Due October 27
Can be found here                  C an be found here
Conference Registration Opens November 1

Menorah Manor Planning Paid Off During Hurricane Irma
Menorah Manor
(St. Petersburg, FL)
Reprinted from the Tampa Bay Times, 9/20/17
Doris Rosenblatt and her husband, Frank, have lived in Florida all of their lives, so they know about hurricanes.
Back in 1985, they evacuated from their Madeira Beach condo to Davis Islands and then to a sturdy, family-owned warehouse to take shelter from Hurricane Elena. When Irma threatened this year, they were unfazed.
The Rosenblatts - she is 90, and he is 94 - now live at Menorah Manor, a nursing home and assisted living facility in St. Petersburg.

Renovation Project Upgrades Facilities
Jewish Home of San Francisco
(San Francisco, CA)
As the saying goes, "What goes up must come down." And while some of us may feel a bit of a pang with the demolition of our oldest building, it brings us a step closer in our Silver Avenue campus's transformational redevelopment project.

Friendly Caller Program Seeks Connections
CJE SeniorLife
(Chicago, IL)
CJE SeniorLife's new F riendly Caller program seeks to pair seniors in the Chicago area with volunteer callers to make friendly connections.

Project Connect seeks to provide many benefits such as social connections for older adults, friendships and learning. Seniors and caller volunteers can decide together how often and for how long they will speak.

For more information on the program, call CJE SeniorLife at 773-508-1000. 
Become a Trial Partner to Test CABHI-Funded Innovations
Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation
(Toronto, Canada)

Do you have access to a population of aging adults who would benefit from trial testing some of the most innovative solutions under development? The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation invites healthcare and seniors' care organizations to apply to become a trial partner to assess innovations selected to receive CABHI funding. To apply to become a trial partner, complete the application form on its website . 

Funding also is available to support aging and brain health solutions through CABHI's Industry Innovation Partnership Program. The I2P2 program also is now accepting expressions of interest applications. This program is designed to help companies worldwide get the scientific evidence they need to commercialize their aging and brain health solutions faster.
Complete an expression of interest  form available on the CABHI website by Oct. 16.