CRGC News Broadcast
July 1, 2016
AJCC Disease Site Webinars

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) announces the availability of five disease site webinars this summer and early fall. The AJCC Disease Site webinars highlight the five most common site chapters for AJCC 7th edition staging. The diseases featured are: melanoma, lung, breast, colo-rectum, and prostate. There will be pre- and post-education quizzes to serve as a self-assessment for the information learned. The  free webinars will provide information on the uniqueness, differences, exceptions, or special concerns for the disease sites.
Each lecture will contain the following topics:
  • Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Anatomy Affecting Stage
  • Classification Issues
  • Assigning T, N, M, Stage Group
  • Information & Questions on AJCC Staging and Summary
The first live webinar (Melanoma) will take place on July 27. Register today. This will be recorded for anyone who is not able to attend the live session.
Registration for the other webinars will open one month before their live webinar dates.
You can visit the AJCC website  to learn more about the Disease Site webinars and stay informed.
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Mignon Dryden, CTR
Director, E-Reporting
Cancer Registry of Greater California