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Impressions from Munich’s 2020 International Jewelry Show

A great show was expected. A major exhibition, held since 1959, with nothing to compare. By the second week of March, a total of 120 jewelry events were supposed to take place in Munich. Nothing predicted the “poetics” of an all-European pandemic, although more sensitive noses could smell gunpowder even in the United States. Then flight after flight was canceled. Galleries, too. Force majeure will remain characteristic of this year’s Schmuck.

Image caption: Work by Erinn Michelle Cox, photo courtesy of Kadri Mälk
by Art Jewelry Forum

AJF’s social media intern, Pei Wu, attends university in Germany. Although the Internationale Handwerksmesse was cancelled this year, and Schmuck along with it, many of the planned events on the periphery—also known as Munich Jewellery Week—took place nonetheless, and Pei attended. She sent in dozens of photos of what she saw there. We published the first half on Monday; this is the rest of them.

Image caption: Exhibition view, Life Soup, at Kreative Quartier during Munich Jewellery Week 2020, photo: Pei Wu.
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