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After supporting a wide range of Jewish education programs and institutions through the mid 1990's, AVI CHAI's Trustees narrowed the focus in North America almost exclusively to Jewish day schools and overnight summer camps, which research had confirmed offer the strongest Jewish educational outcomes and promise.  Continue Reading

NAmericaNorth America
Whether it's a white supremacist targeting praying Jews  blacks or Muslims, or an Islamic radical committed to killing Christians on Easter Sunday, it has become very trendy to attack houses of worship.  Continue Reading

An Article from The Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday commented on reports of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal in Gaza, after two days of fighting in which four Israelis were killed, saying that Israel was readying for further confrontations with terrorist groups in the coastal enclave.   Continue Reading

The study of an ancient tablet that dates back nearly 3,000 years suggests that the biblical King Balak may have been an actual historical figure.
An Article from The Times of Israel

The morning after the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas looks exactly like the morning before it began.  Continue Reading
Israel5Hundreds Attend Funeral of American Killed by Hamas Rocket
An Article from JTA

An American citizen killed while running for cover from a Hamas rocket was laid to rest in Jerusalem on Sunday evening. Continue Reading

After Alex Sasaki died of a drug overdose in late March, Tzvika Graiver of the KeepOlim activist group posted on Facebook that the American-born soldier in the Israel Defense Forces had died "from a lack of mental support in the army."  Continue Reading

An Article from JTA
An Article from The Algemeiner
The recent attacks on synagogues, churches, and mosques worldwide have highlighted what law enforcement agencies have been warning for some time:

Ahead of the annual Google I/O developer festival opening its doors on Tuesday, Google has already made one major announcement: it will soon start deleting your data automatically.    Continue Reading

An Article from eJewish Philanthropy 

The recent murderous terrorist attacks at the Chabad Synagogue in Poway and Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh have, together with the alarming rise of virulently anti-Semitic hate groups, messages and attacks on Jewish individuals have caused Jewish community leadership to re-think the safety of their members and staff;   Continue Reading

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