Dear AJPM  reader,

I am delighted to announce that for the first time in AJPM ’s 33-year history, all articles ever published in the journal are now digitized and available online to our readers. The complete digital archive represents the culmination of a long-term project undertaken by the hardworking staff of the AJPM Editorial Office with the assistance of our publisher, Elsevier. In recognition of this welcome accomplishment, Dr. F. Douglas Scutchfield, who has been associated with the journal since its inception as former editor and regular author, has written an opening commentary, The Madeleine and the Journal , in which he provides a wonderfully insightful overview of the history of AJPM and the inspired professionals behind its founding. 

We hope you’ll check out Scutch’s editorial and the other timely and informative articles in our December issue , while also availing yourself of the opportunity to visit the journal’s archive and explore the research that has shaped and defined the fields of preventive medicine and population health.

Yours in prevention and health,

Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH

American Journal of Preventive Medicine