Dear AJPM Reader,

As we do every year at this time, we wish to thank our many colleagues who served as peer reviewers for AJPM last year. We gratefully acknowledge that without their time and expertise, we would be unable to publish the rigorous and high quality preventive medicine and public health research and commentary that is essential to maintaining AJPM’s place as the premier journal for prevention research, practice, policy, and science.

In 2021, reviewers continued to be particularly taxed by competing pressures of work, family, and more as the COVID-19 pandemic persisted. As a small measure of our deep appreciation to everyone who reviewed for AJPM in 2021, we highlight our reviewers with a special listing on our website.

The AJPM Editors note that a number of reviewers provided exceptionally thorough and insightful reviews and the list of these reviewers is available here as well as in our April 2022 print issue.

Again, we extend our sincerest thanks to all of our 2021 reviewers and hope you find our April 2022 issue to be timely, topical, and informative.

Yours in prevention and health,