AKF Mexico Involved in COVID-19 Knowledge Collective
BBVA Bancomer Operations Center, Mexico City
Image (c) SOM
AKF Mexico is very excited to be involved in Centro de Conocimiento COVID-19 (CCC19), a collective knowledge base of companies that are working together to form guidelines for safe building re-occupancy in Mexico. As we cautiously resume construction projects halted by COVID-19 and reoccupy buildings, health and well-being are of the utmost concern.
CCC19 was established by Guillermo J. Sepulveda, founder and CEO of Gr Öuth Group. AKF was one of the original firms that kicked off the knowledge collective, which is now comprised of 17 firms with more expected to join. The group includes experts in engineering, architecture, construction, real estate, industrial cleaning, law, journalism, and human resources, among others. CCC19 has been working diligently to determine health, wellness, and safety measures for reoccupying buildings in sectors such as workplace, retail, and hospitality. AKF's focus primarily regards developing recommendations for increased air filtration and contagion mitigation.
The group has provided a great means for hearing different voices and expertise from various trades, sectors, and backgrounds. As industry leaders with proficiency in air quality analysis, AKF is proud to be part of this team that is working towards a safer and healthier future!