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At the Chapter's June meeting, Bob Brumm, Author and Encouragement Engineer, spoke to us on taking actions with bold risk and a positive perspective to achieve greatness.      

Bob made many points with us worthy of sharing:

* Think about what things you are hanging onto that don't give you value.
* If a goal is worth the reward, be prepared to take the steps to get there.
* Make your actions positive - worrying gets you nowhere.
* Share knowledge - document processes and teach so someone else can handle some of the load.
* You can unlearn your fears.

We left engaged, refreshed, and encouraged to be audacious toward our goals!  To take bold risks toward achievements in our personal and professional lives makes our world a better place.  The world needs to see the greatness within you!

* Be Audacious *
* Release the Past *
* Take Action *
* Be Accountable *
* Release Your Fears *

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ALA Suncoast Chapter Luncheon July 17, 2019
Centre Club

Round Table Event:
ALA CLM Program

Join us to discuss the ALA's Certified Legal Manager (CLM) Certification Program.  We'll be discussing the benefits of the program as well as hearing from Administrators who have successfully completed it.  We'll also be discussing how our local chapter can benefit from a study group, and the logistics of getting started.  


The Importance of a Good Onboarding Program
By Suzette Welling

Onboarding, defined as the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization, is a largely discussed topic today.  Google it, and you will find there are over 27.5 million results.  Why has it become such a large part of our culture?

Onboarding is more than just a "warm and fuzzy" PC practice of expecting everyone to like everyone and be singing kumbaya.  It is a practice that is very important to your business.  Turnover is expensive.  Training is expensive.  And, in today's market, good, qualified employees are extremely difficult to find.  When you are lucky enough to get a great hire, chances are you had to pay a recruiter a hefty sum to find them, and the last thing you want to do is lose them after the investment of recruiting fees, training costs, and the slow productivity while they get up to speed.

The results of onboarding are not just subjective.  They are also quantifiable.  A good onboarding program has been shown to result in better job performance, greater commitment to the organization, reduced stress, higher job satisfaction, and better retention.  The cost of hiring a new employee averages $65k, and it takes an average of 5 months of full-time employment to bring new hires up to full productivity.

So how does one successfully onboard an individual for successful integration into the firm?  Click here to continue reading.

September 18-20, 2019
Boston, MA

October 21-23, 2019
Seattle, WA

A new benefit -  complimentary for members  - the 
 are conversations with legal management experts sharing some of their latest insights on the industry.
Each one-hour webcast includes two interviews with legal industry authors who will showcase their recently published books.
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