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ALDAcon 2014 - Call for Papers
February 4th, 2014
Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA, Inc)
8038 Macintosh Lane, Suite 2
Rockford, Illinois 61107-5336

Call for Papers


The Association of Late-Deafened Adults is now accepting proposals for workshop presentations at its 26th annual international convention (fondly known as ALDAcon 2014) to be held in Norfolk, VA October 8-12, 2014.

ALDAcon is held by, and for, a diverse group of people who have various levels of hearing loss. All events will be fully accessible through sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, and real time captioning (CART) projected onto large easy to read screens. The convention will be filled with exhibitors, offer a wide variety of workshop presentations, and feature keynote speakers at each meal.

ALDA regrets that it is not able to offer stipends or honoraria to workshop presenters. Presenters are welcome to attend other workshops on the day of their presentations, free of charge.  However, attendance at any meal functions, or any of the other Conference events, requires payment of the Conference registration fee.


Special Note:


The following themes/topics are for illustrative purposes only.  Everyone should feel free to propose any workshop that they feel would appeal to the ALDAcon 2014 attendees.  ALDA welcomes and encourages innovative and creative ideas of all kinds.




TRACK #1 - Empowering Effective Communication Through Technology


Emerging technology in telecommunications, CART, voice recognition


How to Request Accommodations - Your Rights and Responsibilities

1       Making the Spoken Word Accessible Through CART

2       Making the Spoken Word Accessible Through Sign Language                           Interpreting

3       Making the Spoken Work Accessible Through Assistive Listening                    Devices


Mobile technology

1       Voice to text - it's happening now

2       Smartphone apps that assist hearing impaired


Using Social Media and the Web to Stay Connected


Web based telephony


General phone use - options


Smart phone applications update


Updates on the latest in hearing aids, cochlear implants, Bluetooth, BAHA, middle-ear implants, etc. 


Hearing aids and the accessories that increase their benefits

1       Advantages of T-coils and Loop technology


FCC - update on telecommunication regulations and proposed rule making


Update on Disability Rights Laws and Telecommunications Regulations, as they relate to persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing



TRACK #2 - Enriching Late-Deafened Lives 
Through the Human Connection





1   Children of deafened adults - maybe a panel?

2   Family - being/remaining a vital part of your family 

3   Communication strategies

4   Mentoring


Mental Health

1       Self-Advocacy and requesting accommodations

2       Self Esteem

3       Volunteering


Physical Health

1   Diagnostic categories such as Meniere's or NF2

2   Tinnitus

3   Balance issues and how to deal with them.

4   Traveling Deafly and Safely

5   Preparing for an emergency


School and Career:

1       Something for deaf(ened) professionals

2       Getting a job, holding a job,

3       Vocational Rehabilitation and Order of Selection

4       Getting/asking for accommodations,

5       Talking about hearing loss to your employer, coworkers, potential                      employer. 


Golden Agers: Aging Well As A Deafened Person

1       Retirement Planning

2       Starting A Book Club or Other Special Interest Group


Health Care Concerns

1   Understanding The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)

2   Navigating social security when you can't hear

3   Insurance reimbursement and hearing aids, cochlear implants,                          BAHA, etc

4   Medical Communication Accessibility



Instructions for Presentation Proposal Submittals:


1.     Fully complete the application form available HERE.

2.     Attach to the form a description of your workshop/presentation proposal                 of not more than 300 words. Please include:

a.  WHAT you propose to accomplish in the presentation.

b.  HOW do you propose to present your material

c.   WHY you feel your presentation would be helpful or beneficial for              those attending an ALDAcon.

3.     In addition please attach an abstract of 50 words or less to be included                   in the program book.

4.     Also include with your submission a brief bio of approximately 50-100                     words.

5.     All of the above if submitted by Email should be in MS Word document                    or Rich Text Format.

6.     Send all the above to the program chair-E-mail submissions are                                preferred.

                             Valerie Stafford-Mallis, Program Chair


                              c/o ALDA Inc.

                              8038 MacIntosh Lane, Suite 2

                              Rockford, IL  61107-5336


7.     All questions concerning a submission may be sent to the above name         and address.

8.     If your proposal is accepted, ALDA will make every effort to follow the                       format you have proposed.  However, we do reserve the right to request                   alterations in order to make the program cohesive.  In addition                                   proposals that are selected will require the submission of a high                               resolution head shot of the presenter and an organizational logo (if any)                   for the Conference Program Book by July 1, 2014, as well as                                     presentation materials (PowerPoint, visual aids, or script) by                                     September 1, 2014.


THANK YOU FOR SUBMITTING YOUR WORKSHOP PROPOSAL!  Without you, we would not have an ALDAcon 2014!



Ken Arcia
eNews Manager, ALDA Inc