Jewish Pro-Life Foundation Newsletter 8 Oct 2021 - 2 Cheshvan 5782
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Propaganda Piece Published 10/8/21
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The US Supreme Court’s Jewish issues in 2021
Many American Jewish organizations are worrying about how the erosion of the Supreme Court’s reputation could eventually harm Jews.

A friend sent us this article early this morning. The writer, Ron Kampeas, shows himself to be sadly ignorant of the true nature of abortion as he highlights NCJW opinions on the threat of harm to Jews should SCOTUS uphold the 15 week abortion ban or reverse Roe. Let's take this opportunity to educate Ron and his editor at the Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz. Please leave a comment under the article and send an email to Yaakov at

I sent this email to Yaakov this morning:
Dear Yaakov,
Please suggest to Ron that he include the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation perspective on abortion articles. Readers deserve better treatment than a one-sided view of the issue. We filed an Amicus brief for the Dobbs case in favor of abortion restrictions, for example, and that would be excellent content for this story. Here's a link to it:

Please keep in mind that any reversal of Roe would still allow exceptions to save the life of the mother. This aligns beautifully with Jewish law in the way that it was intended - a rare situation and almost nonexistent with today's medical technology and the abundance of support for women in crises. The NCJW has taken this narrow allowance for abortion and grossly distorted it to make the case that abortion is a Jewish value and a religious right, putting us on equal footing with the Satanic cult and giving moral cover for late term and birth day abortion, ie, infanticide (which in not by any stretch of the imagination a Jewish value)  

The NCJW's position is an extremely dangerous one, speaking of what can harm Jews, because it casts Jews as baby killers, fomenting anti-semitism. It is, of course, very dangerous to the Jewish children who are killed because Jewish parents get permission to kill their children without knowing or seeking lifesaving alternatives. 

In America and in Judaism, it is a crime to murder innocent people. It is a well known fact that unborn children are innocent people, and SCOTUS has a chance to rectify the mistake it made in 1973 when it denied this evidence. Religious rights must coincide with our legal code, which before Roe included people in the womb, and God willing, soon will again.

Jewish values include protecting and saving innocent life, creating generations of Jews, and helping the vulnerable and powerless. Helping women in need according to the Jewish value of saving life means assisting them in every way possible to save their children. It is not a Jewish value to help women kill their children.

Also, this story omits abortion industry practices that are in stark opposition to Jewish law, giving readers the impression that abortion industry practices meet acceptable health, safety and ethical standards. The story would have been better if readers had the opportunity to learn about the harm done to women by abortion, the torture of babies who are given no pain medication before being starved, poisoned, dismembered or born alive for organ harvesting, the unethical, immoral, dishonest, and criminal elements of the industry, the loss of fatherhood and future generations, or the racist, eugenics, and profit motivates driving the pro-abortion movement.

On October 12th, we are presenting the Jewish pro-life position on a panel discussion regarding the gruesome medical experiments at the University of Pittsburgh using organs harvested from babies who are kept alive after abortion. I've attached the press release. Perhaps Ron can write a piece on this event. Here's a link to a short video describing the atrocities against humanity happening at Pitt. It ought to give you chills as it eerily resembles the medical experiments done on Jews at Auschwitz.
The University of Pittsburgh event is a rare and welcome opportunity for us to demonstrate that Judaism is the original pro-life religion. We are honored to participate. We will provide details to you in our next newsletter.

May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and good life upon us and upon all Israel. Amen. 
Do you have a contact at a campus Hillel? We need volunteers to bring our message to Jewish young adults, who are thoroughly immersed in the abortion culture and need access to life saving and healing resources and information. If you do know someone, please let us know and we will provide you with literature. Thank you.
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