Monday - Feb 17

Proposal being considered is for zoning
8 Single Family Homes On Lake (ONLY)

4:30pm - Planning & Zoning Hearing
6:00pm - City Council Consideration

2nd Floor - Council Chambers
111 West First Street, Frostproof, FL 33843

Public comments are limited to just 3 minutes per speaker, so come prepared with written comments to be certain you make your best points. There are two opportunities for public comments to City Council,
one at the beginning and one at the end of the meeting.


For Proposed High Density, Rental Development with Crooked Lake Access

317  RV Lots
317 Septic Tanks
3 Acre Beach "Common Area" For All Renters/Residents
Cody Villa Rd Entrance & Exit

5 Reasons YOU Should Be Concerned
This area is not the right place for a high density, rental development.  Large RV Parks are almost always located on arterial highways not on narrow local roads. This is a quiet stretch of single family homes along a narrow country road not a strip of highway commercial land that can accommodate the large RV’s and trailers and the amount of traffic that a 300+ unit RV Park creates.

NEGATIVE IMPACT ON PROPERTY VALUES -especially single family homes.
Studies have shown an immediate and dramatic impact on the value of single family [sf] homes that are next to or near new rental developments. Since zoning was implemented by Polk this entire area has been zoned low density sf or agriculture protecting the investments of property owners who chose to buy and improve or build new homes. This change will reverse years of stable and prosperous growth in the valuation of homes in the Cody Villa, Wes Mann and Ohlinger Neighborhoods. Why punish these owners who pay taxes, eat and shop in Frostproof?
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE EXISTING NEIGHBORHOODS -why introduce a use that is not compatible with all the sf homes along Cody Villa, Wes Mann and Ohlinger ? 
This proposal introduces rentals and transient customers into these neighborhoods. It creates a less homogeneous community and increases traffic dramatically making the whole area less desirable to new owners. It is not only negative for the existing homeowners, but also for active groves. Grove owners do not want tourists or visitors walking or driving through the surrounding groves creating liability and nuisance problems.
NOT ON CODY VILLA ROAD - the county engineer rates it as substandard. 
The county engineer retains a rating system on all county maintained roads and noted that this road does not meet the 24’ standard for a minor county collector. The pavement width is hardly 18’, barely wide enough for two passing cars, but not sufficient for larger trailers, park models [9x40] and RV’s. The pavement condition is also poor and the right of way is inadequate.
NO IMPROVEMENTS - the applicant's plans show no public improvements. 
Neither Polk nor Lake Wales would allow such a large and intense use without requiring extensive road improvements and connections to public water and wastewater systems. The developer plans no such improvements and Frostproof has not budgeted for any capital improvements in its plan for this area. It’s Comprehensive Plan shows no intense development in this area.
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