There is still a major difference between what the Florida House and Florida Senate recommend for Florida's FY 2017-2018 budget.  Please refer to the details below, and follow through on the suggested action steps to help secure the highest appropriations possible for Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' matching grants.
April 24, 2017, State Budget Update 
Status of State Budget:
 The Florida Legislature worked over the weekend on the development of Florida's FY 2017-2018 budget with no resolutions.  There is approximately a $4-billion gap between what the House wants to invest and what the Senate wants to invest.

Senate President Joe Negron
Today's Update from Florida Senate President Joe Negron:
 Here is today's memo from President Joe Negron to all Florida Senators regarding the development of Florida's FY 2018 budget.

"I will insist on a budget work product that reflects public testimony from our fellow citizens, input from the constituents we represent and the thousands of informed decisions - big and small - elected legislators have made since November 2016."  Senate President Joe Negron

:  We hope that you and other arts and culture advocates have followed through on the Alerts we have sent you over the last few months.  Please continue to communicate with Florida Legislative Leadership and your Florida Senator and Representative.

What is recommended now for these DCA grants' programs by the Florida Senate and House?
 Here is a side-by-side document that shows what the two chambers currently recommend for these four DCA grants programs in FY 2017-2018.

PLEASE continue to send specific emails based upon which Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grant program/s impact your organization and/or county. 

Here are three suggested emails that you can review, edit, and cut for your your specific organization's and/or county's use in your emails, and send to the following legislators and copy their legislative assistants -- make sure you're also specific in the subject box of each email:

Key Legislative Leadership  who can decide on final DCA appropriation recommendations to fund 2017-2018 DCA grants -- there are 6 of them.

Your Florida Senator and Representative -- there are 2 of them -- ask them to speak to the 3 legislative leaders linked above in their respective
         chambers, either Senate or House leadership.

Line of question marks

If you have questions or need additional information,
please email us at  Please continue to reach out graciously and politely to our state policy makers.

Thank you for your follow up to help secure these state investments in arts and culture matching grants.