The TEP process for the Kino to DeMoss-Petrie Transmission Lines
What you need to know
TEP interfaces with neighbors in two separate ways with separate meetings:
1) a "CWG" (Community Working Group) - only two reps from each neighborhood
2) a "Community Group" - all citizens meeting (by Zoom Aug 13)

Note: The CWG has 156 eligible members. Sadly, only 37 people attended the Aug 6 Zoom meeting.
Both of Jefferson Park's reps attended and submitted input. Their report below.

this coming Thursday at 6:00 PM
To attend please visit: https://www.tep.com/kino-to-demoss-petrie/ for a link. The link should be available early in the week.

Notes from the Aug 6 TEP Zoom meeting
We must comment again, individually!
The Jefferson Park representatives of the "Community Working Group" are Colleen Nichols, JPNA President, and Joan Daniels, Executive VP. After 5 long meetings with TEP over the last 4 months, this is their report to you, their understandings of the process and their recommendations to residents.
1) Flawed input. In the Phase 2 process, a letter from an association counted as only ONE comment. So, though your JP association wrote the letter with the approval of many people, it counted as one comment. Perhaps we misunderstood, but so did many others.

2) You must respond, INDIVIDUALLY to make a difference.

3) Phase 2 is over and TEP begins once again gathering "comments" for Phase 3. Phase 3 asks for "comments" about the optional routes--two of which bisect Jefferson Park. See below:
JP and Sam Hughes yard signs are nice but can't get the job done. You must make the call, write the e-mail, or pen the letter to have your comment counted.
4) When asked, TEP stated that the UA has not given their preference for the line routing.
5) When asked, TEP stated Banner has not given their preference for the line routing. However, Banner replied that the helicopter patterns will not interfere with any of the proposed routes.
6) When asked, it was not clear how the preferences of entities like UA and Banner would be weighted in the final routing decision.
7) The 3 pathways which will be recommended to the AZ Corp Commission have not been decided.
8) September 13 is the deadline for submitting your input for this phase.
Our recommendations to our neighbors 'n friends
1) View the TEP presentation with the maps of each proposed routes. Pay particular attention to the routes labeled with letters A, B, C, D. https://www.tep.com/wp-content/uploads/Kino-DMP-CWG-Meeting-4.pdf
2) The only routes which protect the Jefferson Park Historic District are routes D and Route C. See photos below.

3) Jeff Park has the 138Kv substation (dubbed UA North substation) on its border. Jeff Park should not bear the additional burden of 100 ft poles bisecting the neighborhood! Vine is a residential street and is much too narrow, and residential to facilitate a right-of-way for gigantic poles. Park is similar, a bikeway to the UA, adjacent to a nursing home, mostly residential, and already visually and economically compromised.

4) Each resident should e-mail:
call and leave a voice message:
write a letter
P.O. Box 711
ATTN: Kino-DMP Mail Stop RC131
Tucson AZ 85701-0711
or fill out the on-line form at
tep.com/kino-to-demoss-petrie (located below the map thumbnail image)
You decide!! The choices under consideration:
CORRIDOR "A' choice bisects Jefferson Park north on Vine Avenue
CORRIDOR "B" choice bisects Jefferson Park by way of Park Avenue
CORRIDOR "C' choice avoids Jefferson Park by going south to Speedway
CORRIDOR "D' choice generally avoids Jefferson Park by going east across Banner Ring Road
Websites: jeffersonpark.info and grantroadcoalition.com July 30, 2020
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Neighborhood Contacts & Resources
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Area #1 - Mary Worthen 

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Area #6 - Lisa Jones
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See historic photos of Jefferson Park: www.jeffersonpark.info/history.html
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