For most of our readers it has been a month or more since we began the daily job of consuming large amounts of information, planning for and making changes, and doing our best to answers questions. There seems to be a bit of a slowdown in the amount of new direction we are being provided, plans are being enacted, and the questions are becoming more routine. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to continue supporting our clients and their needs.     
Today we want to share a few quick reference information sheets that have been put together based on the most recent information provided by the Department of Labor. These also cover some of the most frequent questions we have received. 
*Special Note Oregon Employers with 25 or more employees: Please remember that Oregon has issued temporary rules amending Oregon Family and Medical Leave (OFLA). These temporary rules provide up to 12 weeks of OFLA leave under the Sick Child provision to “care for an employee's child whose school or place of care has been closed in conjunction with a statewide public health emergency declared by a public health official.” OFLA does not have the Exemptions or Exclusions like FFCRA.  In short, while an employee may be exempt or excluded from eligibility for FFCRA and receiving pay for qualifying reason #5, they cannot be denied unpaid leave under OFLA for this same reason.

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