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CS/SB 1128 – Short-Term Rental Preemption

On Monday, March 2 at 12:00 p.m., the Senate Rules Committee will consider CS/SB 1128 ( Diaz ) relating to short-term rentals (STRs).  
CS/SB 1128 would do the following:

  • Preempt to the state the regulation of vacation rentals.
  • Undo local ordinances adopted since 2014.
  • Preempt to the state licensure and inspections of STRs.
  • Any ordinances (noise, parking, trash, etc.), must apply to all residential properties, regardless of how the property is being used.
  • Local governments cannot prohibit rentals (not just STRs), impose occupancy limits on rental properties, or require inspections or licensing of rentals (specific to STRs).

Please contact Casey Cook at 850.701.3609 with any questions.
CS/SB 1128 Talking Points
  • This is a local zoning issue. Commercial activity in neighborhoods is regulated for a good reason: to protect residents and ensure the right infrastructure is there.

  • The DBPR’s Office of Inspector General 2018 Audit Report found that the agency has struggled to meet its own approved performance standards for lodging inspection measures and will continue to struggle.

  • Everyone’s property rights should be balanced. Unruly behavior and issues with parking and public safety destroy the residential character of our neighborhoods. Our residents suffer while corporations profit. 

  • Short-term rentals are overtaking residential neighborhoods and creating public safety risks. Residents don’t know the people next door. Sex offenders don’t have to register. Neighbors are less likely to confront strangers when problems or nuisances arise.

  • Additionally, rentals are causing a drain on law enforcement services, when issues should be handled by code enforcement instead. Because police are forced to respond to parking and house parties, it means fewer officers focusing on stopping crimes and keeping communities safe.

  • Unregulated short-term rentals make the affordable housing crisis worse. Homes are turned into mini-hotels, which reduces the long-term rentals available and causes a housing shortage for working people.

  • Seven in 10 voters say local rules should govern short-term rentals. Nearly three-fourths want local elected officials in charge.
Please contact members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE CS/SB 1128!
Lizbeth Benacquisto, Chair (R-27) 850.487.5027 benacquisto.lizbeth@flsenate .gov @lizbethkb

Audrey Gibson, Vice Chair (D-6) 850.487.5006 gibson.audrey@flsenate.gov @SenAudrey2eet

Lauren Book (D-32)
850.487.5032 book.lauren@flsenate.gov @Book4Senate

Rob Bradley (R-5)
850.487.5005 bradley.rob@flsenate.gov @Rob_Bradley

Jeff Brandes (R-24)
850.487.5024 brandes.jeff@flsenate.gov @JeffreyBrandes

Oscar Braynon II (D-35) 850.487.5035 braynon.oscar@flsenate.gov @oscarjb2

Gary Farmer, Jr. (D-34) 850.487.5034 farmer.gary@flsenate.gov @garymfarmer

Anitere Flores (R-39)
850.487.5039 flores.anitere@flsenate.gov @anitere_flores

Travis Hutson (R-7)
850.487.5007 Hutson.Travis@flsenate.gov @TravisJHutson
Tom Lee (R-20)

Bill Montford (D-3)

Kathleen Passidomo (R-28)

Jose Javier Rodriguez (D-37)

David Simmons (R-9)

Wilton Simpson (R-10)

Kelli Stargel (R-22)

Perry E. Thurston, Jr. (D-33)
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