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Oregon - Power Outages Expected

Just like our experience with COVID-19, we find ourselves in new territory as the instance and likelihood of wildfire has significantly increased. On August 28th, Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, declared a state of emergency due to the imminent threat of wildfire. This morning many of you saw news, heard radio conversation, and are receiving social media alerts about power outages that may be necessary to reduce the instance of fire. The following was provided by KOIN 6 news.

“PGE said these high-risk areas include: The West Hills, Tualatin Mountains, North West Hills, Central West Hills, Oregon City, Estacada, Mt. Hood Corridor/foothills, Columbia River Gorge, Scotts Mills and the Southern West Hills. The Public Safety Power Shutoff Zone also includes downtown Portland, Southeast Portland, East Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Newberg, and part of Hillsboro. The map below shows the entire PSPS area.”

The “high-risk areas” map (link) above will show you the current scope of potential outages. If you have workers in these areas or your office is located in these areas, please share your organization's expectations for communications, closures, and time off. While you may not have a specific policy for an instance of power outages, you may have a policy for inclement weather or other types of emergencies. Please rely on what you have done in similar situations. This will help to remove the feeling of “unknown” and maintain consistency for many of your employees.

The HR Answers offices and the locations where many of our employees regularly work are inside the potentially impacted zone. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries and would ask that you try reaching us by phone. If we are unavailable, we will get back to you as soon as resources permit.

Please keep your safety and the safety of others at the top of your decision-making priorities.  

If we can be of assistance with this topic, or anything else, please reach out. 




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