Governor Greitens Orders Review of Animal Welfare Rules

On Wednesday Governor Greitens visited the Department of Agriculture and ordered a review of Departmental regulations as part of his plan to review all regulations in the state "as a way to improve the job market." 

Unfortunately, regulations protecting dogs house in puppy mills are among the first regulations that will be subject to such review and are at risk of being repealed.

While many of the new requirements under the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act are written into statute, and are not subject to change under the regulatory process, the dog breeding industry is committed to repealing regulatory protections not otherwise in statute.

It is our understanding that the review process for rules protecting dogs in puppy mills will begin as early as June 1. We will update you as this review process unfolds and advise how you can best respond

It is critical that at such time, every one of you contact the Governor and the Department of Agriculture and request that they do NOT repeal or weaken our current rules and regulations protecting dogs in puppy mills.
Stay tuned for future information on this matter.