COVID-19 Guidelines & Information

We anticipate members will continue to have many questions in the coming weeks regarding COVID-19. It is now a worldwide pandemic and it seems like everything around us is changing very quickly. Decisions and advice are coming from many sources at the federal, state and local levels. These issues involve legitimate concerns related to public health, regulatory, clinical, business, supply chain, etc.
Here is an example of the kind of questions you can find answers to:

Should we close the practice if we run out of masks and our vendors and distributors have put caps on how much, and how often, we can get new shipments?

Practices experiencing difficulty obtaining PPE may have to triage patients as a way to ensure that adequate PPE is available for patients whose appointments are most urgent. If your office is concerned about a potential or imminent shortage of PPE, CDC recommends you alert your state/local health department and local healthcare coalition, as they are best positioned to help facilities troubleshoot through temporary shortages. 

You can also report the shortage to the FDA at CDC recommends that Dental Health Care Personnel (DHCP) concerned about healthcare supply for PPE regularly monitor Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment for updated guidance. They should also be familiar with the Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations.

For answers to other questions you may have, please review the links we are providing in this email and continue to monitor our website and read email communication like KDA eXPRESS and Constant Contact. KDA will continue to provide you with sources of other relevant information through all available means of communication as this situation develops.

In the meantime, avoid crowds, keep washing your hands (for 20 seconds or more!) and stay safe!
Rick Whitehouse, KDA Executive Director

KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services  COVID-19 Hotline 

If you need additional information you may contact Jenna Scott,
KDA Director of Membership Services