COVID-19 Guidelines & Information
March 18, 2020

Anthem Insurance information related to COVID-19
As we get through the next few weeks together, KDA will continue to work for members and the profession. One way we can serve the profession during these times is to continue to act as a resource for you and direct you to information for your practice and your patients. A good way to do that is to share information we receive from the ADA, the government and our partners. Today, I received information from Anthem Insurance which some of you may find helpful and informative. As we have with all information related to COVID-19, we are sharing this with every licensed dentist in Kentucky. This is not for marketing purposes, although Anthem is a partner of KDA. And you may choose to do what you will with the information. But, we will continue to share useful information like this on topics of importance to dentistry throughout this crisis.

Rick Whitehouse
KDA Executive Director