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Get to know ALIGN
ALIGN Association of Community Services is working for children and families is your community. We are a membership-based hub of over 120 child and family service agencies throughout Alberta.

Our member agencies employ 10,000 staff who deliver support services including early intervention, group care, foster and kinship care to 200,000 vulnerable children and families in Alberta each year.
Supporting children and families in the community.
The Government of Alberta contracts with community agencies to deliver services for children and families in the communities they call home. Over 80% of these contracts are with ALIGN member agencies. The following stories will give you an inside look at how programs and services can change lives.
"During my time in MAPS, Michelle (MAPS Program Facilitator) would meet me wherever; jail, court, probation, fast food restaurants, my house, and even a tattoo shop. Throughout my time in this program I was taught how to embrace myself. Most importantly I was taught that I am William - not FASD. Before it was my introduction and most time people thought less of me - all of a sudden I could no longer do the tasks I was already doing. Through this program I have learned how to focus on my strengths, how to budget my money, and look for proper housing. Currently, I live w ith a supportive roommate and am extremely happy with where my life is heading."

William, MAPS Youth Participant
Finding a place to call 'home' means different things to different people. For homeless young people like Jenna and others at Wood's Homes in Calgary, it means a place to feel safe and comforted. Being able to access a full range of services all under one roof changed Jenna's life.
When his Mom brought Tyler to counselling, he was presenting with uncontrollable rage. Mom feared eviction from their house as Tyler's destructive tendencies directed at walls and doors were causing issues with her landlord. Through our counselling sessions we explored the root of his anger, specifically, his feelings around his struggles to feel noticed. We then worked through this to find healthier ways to gain the attention he needed. Through discussions Tyler became more comfortable expressing himself to his parents, teachers, and friends. This better emotional self-expression and regulation helped him in many different ways. During the final session he said me: “Thank you, I feel happy now, it’s so much better than being angry all the time.” This, and seeing the improved relationship between him and his mom was the best success I could hope for.
What will you do for vulnerable children and families?
  • Are you ready to have meaningful discussions about the issues facing Alberta's most vulnerable children and families?

  • What will you do to ensure children and families in your constituency can live safely and reach their full potential in the community they call home?
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