NEWSLETTER - Volume 3 - Issue 4 - April 22, 2020
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to help our readers with significant life issues concerning
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All About Taurus
by Linda Brady

Tonight at 11pm we will experience a NEW MOON IN TAURUS – A new moon is a new beginning and typically occurs in each sign once a year. Some helpful hints to create a great affirmation for this special time are:
  • Enjoy life’s simple gifts of good food.
  • Enjoy activities that put you in touch with nature and your body.
  • Enjoy taking time to cultivate patience.
  • Dream up new ways of increasing your income or earning power.
  • Concentrate on beautifying and pampering your home, garden, and…self.
  • Heighten awareness of your personal needs and wants and...
  • Heighten awareness of your values.

Tomorrow URANUS CONJUNCTS THE NEW MOON IN TAURUS - Uranus will inspire the New Moon in Taurus to find new solutions to current challenges.
  • Find an inventive approach to financial concerns.
  • Experience the changes and shifts in these areas in the coming weeks as an opportunity to promote freedom from unnecessary tangible possessions.
  • Experiment with cooking and art as a vehicle for finding serenity and peace.
by Linda Brady

“This age fulfills the promise of the previous Golden Age of Leo, which occurred 12,000
years ago. From an individual’s struggle for survival through will, which is Leo, emerges an age of democracy, equality and brotherhood for all people on the planet.”
~ Linda Brady

Uranus represents the voice of the Universe coming to us as inspiration through the filter of intuition, disruptions and unexpected experiences. On a personality level, Aquarian energy reminds us to value the singular, open-minded, holistic part of ourselves. It encourages us to associate with groups of like-minded people to further our shared political, cultural, and holistically spiritual goals. As Aquarian “citizens of the world,” we network within these symbiotic groups to further raise global consciousness. In doing so, we live the holistic model of mind-body-Soul integration by creating harmonious, congruent lives of our own. As humanity enters this new age, a universal and spiritually driven urgency to rededicate ourselves to the attainable goals of freedom, brotherhood, and tolerance will become an ever-increasing point of convergence and kindred social activism across our planet. The Uranus hurricane could create disruptions in our financial life in order to promote the freedom that comes from releasing tangible possessions. Uranus is the planet of change and Taurus rules our personal values and finances. We will experience many changes and shifts in these areas in the coming years. No more false, inauthentic values. Uranus in Taurus will set us free from imposed values and meanings. If our foundations are based on external security, Uranus’ winds will bring the necessary changes to promote more internal confidence and peace.  

Buddha was born under a New Moon in Taurus. He was enlightened under a Full Moon in Taurus and died under a Full Moon in Taurus. The fact that Buddha grew up in such a materialistic state mirrors the lower nature of Taurus, the side of Taurus that has a desire for material possessions that can never be satiated. The more it possesses, the more materialism it continues to desire. In contrast, the higher nature of Taurus mirrors the spiritual development of the Buddha away from attachment to matter and desire, into freedom from materialism, gaining the freedom to connect with Spirit.

Since most of us are not able to wander around our neighborhood garden center, I would suggest doing a clipping of an existing plant and begin rooting it. You can place the affirmation in a saucer underneath the rooting container. Later when it has rooted you can continue with the following. This affirmation for the New Moon in Taurus should be placed in the bottom of your pot which you will fill with dirt and your plant. Please fill in the blank to this statement: “As this plant grows so does --------" (fill in your affirmation) .

Use the info in the suggestions below to create an affirmation for your magic plant:

● enjoy life’s simple and physical gifts of good food 
● enjoy activities that put you in touch with nature and your body
● take time to cultivate patience 
● be connected to the joys of the present 
● reorient your relationship with money and possessions 
● discover what truly makes you happy and feeling fulfilled 
● dream up new ways of increasing your income or earning power 
● concentrate on beautifying and pampering your home, garden, and…self
● heighten awareness of your personal needs and wants
● heighten awareness of your values. 
Reflections on Uncertainty
by Katharine Pumphrey Knapp,LPC, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor,
Creative Integration Therapy

Uncertainty can lead us to Fear or to Curiosity. When I welcome in Curiosity, then I open myself up to "Possibilities and movement." When I react to uncertainty with Fear, then I close myself off to Opportunities. As I hold the possibilities and opportunities with Curiosity.... I expand spaciousness inside my body. This provides more room for what is arriving. It enlivens me with hope and with wonder. "What new thing is arriving?"

There can be an electric, connectivity of sensation embodied in my response. I can choose to create the meaning of Curiosity or Fear.... I can define the "current" as Anxiety or the "charge" of the Life Force. We choose the meaning that then drives our experience forward.

So what might start as a spark of "Uncertainty" can travel through our body and emotional state to become a meaning that supports our movement (with curiosity) or blocks our movement (with fear). How will you move forward in these uncertain times? What is your orientation... where is your gaze leading you?

As I remember (re-align myself), Expectations of fear create "Fixed or blocked states with loops that seem to go round and round". Expectations of curiosity create "openings for movement in body and thoughts". What will catch your attention and lead you to "wonder" in these uncertain times?
On My Mind - Transformation, Denial, Avoidance…and Safety
by Michael Brady

On March 15th, Linda and I went to the movies at a local mall. Little did we know that would be the last time we would be in a mall together… or with other people! We’ve been Social Distancing ever since. The only person I’ve touched is Linda. Dogs count, so I’ve touched our mutts Max and Tia and a few neighbor's dogs. I find myself holding and petting my dogs more often each day. I find myself lying awake snuggling with Linda either more often or more consciously. Hmm… maybe I’m tactilely deprived. That means starved for touch. We are primates after all. Remember monkeys and apes do that grooming thing when they are just sitting around. God when are things just going to get back to normal? Right?

What if normal never goes back to the way it exactly was before covid-19? I was talking to someone who works in corporate America recently. He was telling me how the upper level executives in his company are currently pressuring their employees to get the sales business back on track. And they're doing that by subtly, or not so subtly, criticizing their lack of sales success. I suppose it’s human lack of effort that’s responsible for corporate revenue decline ultimately. In the minds of big business and politics, there is nothing that human beings cannot ultimately control. In the minds of such people, regardless of what happens, their agenda and sense of normal will prevail. It would be really cool to put a number of those people on a beach watching a ten story (200 feet high) tsunami cruising in from a half mile out. Picture that yourself now. Can you feel the terror, the panic? Can you see there is nothing to do? You can’t run away. You can’t hold your breath long enough. You can’t dive under and swim through something that big. Heck, the weight of the water breaking over you on the beach will pulverize your body. This is it. The end of your life. I bet they would stand there believing they could swim through it. Or they would die trying to outrun it. In the first instance that is denial. In the second instance that is avoidance. And like most avoidance behavior it eventually fails. In this case sooner than later!

And that brings us to safety. What the heck is safety? Well safety for most people is created outside of themselves. Hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, castles, big houses, retirement accounts, money, more money are all examples of how we all control or try to control our life. In other words, how we keep ourselves safe. When we are safe what do we feel? Well, you say “I’m not scared." Well, keep going. I’m not mad. I’m not sad. I’m not guilty. I must feel glad. Or we use words like comfortable or peaceful or calm. They are all in the glad category. Can you see how we all have lived in an ILLUSION of safety. Hasn’t Covid-19 shattered that illusion? Aren’t we all longing for our lives to get back to normal? Longing for…the way it was. Can you feel yourself getting impatient, frustrated irritated?
If we are not careful (full of care), we will all end up where we started. Angry. Remember the world was building up polarized antagonistic anger before the pandemic. Covid-19 cancelled our anger by replacing it with fear.

I am a Karmic Astrologer. Astrology is supposed to be able to “predict the future,” lol. In some limited circumstances that can appear to be true. In the case of this pandemic I don’t believe anyone can do that. This has affected the whole world. That means the whole world created this event. Remember feelings mandate what physically manifest in the world. We all created this pandemic. And we haven’t decided how we want it to come out…yet.

For sure certain circumstances will change for us all. For some drastically. For others moderately. Our beliefs about control, safety, and power need to evolve now. They need to become more mature. They need to be more self- oriented, more internally created and maintained. What does that mean? I think it means that we need to focus on the part of the world we have direct contact with. Each of us needs to work toward resolving old and chronic emotions. Emotions that have to do with the past, our past in this life and/or our past lives. We need to clean up our relationships. We also need to stop anticipating the future with mad, scared, hopeless(sad), or guilty feelings. We need to learn how to be optimistic, and open to possibility. We need to decide to have faith in our future and practice orienting ourselves in this way each day. Once again, if you want to change the world…change yourself. Here’s a cool song that resonates with the article. Give it a listen.

Go to You Tube and search " The Older I Get," by Alan Jackson.

Be Well. Live Long. And Prosper.
by Karen Krull
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