Abstraction 2024


January 12 - March 3, 2024


Abstract art falls into two categories: representative and non-objective work.

Representative abstract art has identifiable objects, people, landscapes, etc. that have been simplified, deconstructed, distorted, or taken out of context. Examples of this would be Picasso’s deconstructed portraits.

Non-objective abstract art does not draw from visual reality, but intrigues us with color, lines, pattern, etc. Examples of this would be the exuberance of Kandinsky or the orderliness of Mondrian.

Submit work from either category, or both (total 3 pieces).  


Entry to this show is open to all artists. ALL members (dues paid to date) as well as non-members. AI computer generated images will not be accepted. Submitted work must not have been shown previously at the Arts League of Lowell Gallery. Student work done under direct supervision is not eligible.  


No paper applications will be considered for this show. The online application site is available now. The application deadline for this show is December 30, 2023. NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted.

Please read the prospectus carefully.

Click here to download prospectus - .pdf

Click here to download prospectus - .doc