Call for Entries
A Frenzy and a Dream
A Frenzy and a Dream
March 4 – May 1, 2022
Whether it is the "ecstasy of the mind" of Dharma Bums or the description of hometown life in Maggie Cassidy, the words of Jack Kerouac, Lowell Native son, tantalize and inspire. We invite regional artists to submit work in all media, inspired by specific passages of Kerouac's writing. This show is part of a city-wide celebration of Kerouac's 100 birthday.
All work must be submitted accompanied by the specific quote which inspired it. The quotes will be displayed along with the art work. 

Entry to this show is open to all artists working in any medium, active (dues up to date) ALL members as well as non-members.

Artists may enter up to (3) works in any 2D or 3D medium. 2D works must not exceed 40” in any dimension including the frame. Any 3D work submitted must not exceed an exhibiting space of a 16” X 16” foot print on a pedestal or an installation space of 4’x4’x10’ (height) on the floor.

The online application site for this show will be available on December 26, 2021. Please read the prospectus for the application site address and requirements for image uploads. The application deadline for this show is February 19, 2022.

Please read the prospectus carefully.