ALL IN for Resident Engagement: Top 10 Ideas!
We’re excited to share our Top 10 resident engagement ideas! We know that resident engagement can be challenging when observing social distancing practices. Keep reading for ideas to keep your residents excited and connected as a community!
1.     Scavenger Hunts
This is a fun, social distancing appropriate activity that be can be done with any number of objects! Residents place the target object in an easy-to-spot place and 'hunt' for items on their next walk around the community! You may have seen the rainbow heart initiative on the Dominium Employee Facebook group. The sky is the limit – in addition to hearts, you can also use teddy bears and stuffed animals, a drawing of a favorite stay-at-home activity, or memorabilia from your local sports team. Get creative!
2.     Online Events
Online clubs and events are a great way to feel connected. Try your hand at hosting an online trivia competition, game or movie night, happy hour, or virtual fitness class.
3.      Pen Pals
As the residents at The Legends of Apple Valley recently did, consider starting a pen pal program. Facilitate communication between residents of your community, a sister property, or students at a local school to encourage a sense of community and connection.
4.     Balcony Concerts
If you have any musically inclined residents, reach out to them and see if they would be interested in holding a balcony concert for their neighbors. This can work especially well if you have a courtyard in your community for easy viewing!
5.     Open (Apt) Door and Parking Lot Happy Hours
It’s easy to observe social distancing practices with this idea! Using a centrally located parking lot or an interior hallway, residents can gather, at a distance of course, to connect while enjoying the outdoors or in the comfort of their own home!
6.      Kids Theme Week
A calendar of weekly or daily themes is a fun way to keep the kids in your community entertained and engaged, and their parents will thank you! To jumpstart your brainstorming, take a look at
7.     Food Drive
Contact your local food pantry for their most needed items and put together a food drive donation with the help of your residents! They can leave donations just outside their front door, and your team can collect food and other dry goods.
8.     Contests featuring ALL IN Paddles
When your residents receive their ALL IN paddles, use the opportunity to organize a photo contest. Best photo featuring the paddle on your property’s Facebook page wins a gift card!
9.     Treat Bags
Sometimes all it takes is a little candy to brighten someone’s day. Put together goodies bags and go door-to-door to show your residents some love!
10. Book Club
 Host a virtual book club! Your residents can vote on a book together and then schedule a monthly online hangout to discuss the reading.
Remember to showcase your efforts and share pictures, videos, and testimonials to spread positivity! Send your stories to us using the Show and Tell queue in WorkFront so everyone can see how you’re #ALLIN!