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Kamisol Accessories Offering ALL Media 30% off ALL Merchandise
5% of all Sales go to Rising Above Expectations
(Washington, DC)   Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy is offering ALL news media a 30% off discount on all merchandise throughout the month of July. 5% of each sale goes to Rising Above Expectations a nonprofit organization dedicated to instilling a sense of self worth and purpose in the lives of young girls and boys, through self esteem building programming. If you love to shop but want to make a difference this is a perfect chance for members of the media to participate in an online shopping experience for a great cause.
Gigi McMillan is the owner and stylist at  Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy. She is dedicated to making a difference one sale at a time. Media professionals interested in her personal online style consultations please email her at Gigi provides consultancy sessions that create value to her clients because of her 6-degree image model which includes:
  • Identifying lifestyle needs and what will work best
  • Educating clients on fashion, style, trends, cut and colors that will bring out their best features
  • Pinpointing what looks good on individuals and teaching them how to project their new and improved image
  • Provide independent shopping support
  • Provide delivery service for fashions created via online
  • Refining clients closets by helping them to clear away clothing that does not redefine their new confident look

All members of the media don't miss out on this chance to help out young girls and boys fulfill their purpose through self-esteem building programming with each sale. All media must send a copy of press credentials or ID to to receive 30% off merchandise.  


Kamisol Accessories & Fashion Consultancy Washington, DC

Our mission is to provide personalized style services to clients that are looking to improve or identify a new signature look at an affordable price.



If you have any questions regarding media week contact LJ Wilson at For information about the photo shoot contact Gigi McMillan at To learn more about Kamisol Accessories go . Like us on Facebook by clicking here . Also follow us on Twitter To visit our featured nonprofit go to Rising Above Expectations by clicking here




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