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Once again, there's alot to unpack here and we want to keep it as streamlined as possible…
Hurricane season and insurance updates: No impacts yet but the “high” season is Aug-Oct. Having your insurance information on record could make a difference in the event of any level impact.

Another insurance note: Make sure you have changed your policy to the appropriate coverage when you have vacated and a rental resident will be living there.
A/C parts: you may have to be prepared to provide/install portable units if the turnaround time on a part/key component is extended. So far this summer has been a little better than last but record breaking temps have dominated the news so be aware....

We've also been communicating this and good HVAC care/hygiene to your residents.
Appliances: ditto on above. Turn around on units and parts is excessive.
Fuel surcharges: showing up EVERYWHERE now, especially from vendors.
And lastly, here’s a little brighter news: it’s STILL never been a better time to be an investor in Jacksonville

**If you happen to call the office and get Avery, she is interning with us this summer!

Stay well and cool!

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