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 YOUNG ADULTS 20s and 30s
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MONDAYS starting September 23
Mondays  at Our Mother of Confidence
Starting September 23

What is Alpha? Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.

Here's a quick look at an Alpha night:
- There will be a free taco bar and salads to start, so please come hungry!
- After dinner we watch a ~25 minute video.
- We take a break for a dessert.
- We then discuss with others at our table our thoughts on the video and other topics that come up.

It will be a very casual discussion among those at your table (usually 6-7 people). This is many people's favorite part of the night, when we share how our faith is relevant in our lives today. Some people listen more than talk, and that is perfectly ok!

We hope that you will find time to attend on September 23rd, or any of our Alpha Mondays!


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sarah and danny
This is an event for ALL AGES. Look for our YOUNG ADULT table. 

Young Adult Table Host:
MEETUP Invitation HERE!
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