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In spite of a stormy day in the Chippewa Valley, the ALS Walk and Wheel-a-thon went off without a hitch.  Over 200 walkers attended.  While we were pleased with the turnout, that is down from our typical 300-350.   The total amount raised this year is currently at $14,250, although that may go up as more donations come in. If you missed out on the walk this year but would still like to donate you can do so on-line here.    DONATE .

Many attended the Walk as a Team Member and some teams were as small as 2, others nearing the 40 mark.  Check out our Facebook Page for a few photo's from the walk.  Others will be added to our Web Page in a few weeks.  Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who made the Walk possible.  Those who gave auction items, those who collected them, those who organized the items and collected the money, those who donated food, those who cooked and served it and cleaned up afterwards, those who set up and cleaned up the building, those who handled registration and T-shirts, those who did face-painting and entertained the kids, those who took pictures, those who walked and those who wished they could, those who planned and those who supported the walk in any way. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!  (Do you get the idea it takes a whole lot of people to put on a Walk?)  

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Summer has moved in with this heat wave.  Signs of new life lift our spirits and we're hoping this newsletter will do the same for you.  Finding joy and hope during adversity isn't easy, but the testimony of others reveals that it is possible.  Take a breath and look for the good in today.
Wisdom from
Morrie Schwartz, PAL
 “I give myself a good cry if I need it, but then I concentrate on all good things still in my life.”
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

  Words from Tom Palmer - a PAL from Virginia:

“Despite its undeniably grim reputation and almost equally grim reality, ALS is not without its perks. I'm not being flippant or trying to be funny. Nor am I referring to the meager consolation this terminal disease offers with its lessons about what is precious in life."

Tom Palmer,
PAL from Virginia 
If you are looking for a good resource to keep up to date on the latest ALS research, treatment or stories, be sure to check out

Thoughts from Sally

During the early years of the NW WI ALS Support Group, George & Susan Johnson from Menomonie, WI came to the group.  I wish we had thought to video tape George - he was the most positive person I think I have ever met.  Although diagnosed with ALS before his 35th birthday, George looked for and saw the beauty in every day. His stories could make you laugh til you wet your pants.  

One year at our Support Group Christmas party a few members gave me a small gift.  I was handed one and the card said it was from Billy & Michelle (another young couple in the group).  I smiled at them and said thank you, but thought it odd that they were adamantly shaking their heads "no" as I continued to open the gift.  Inside was some silky cloth that I thought might be a scarf, but as I held it up for the group to see, it was clearly a pair of skimpy bikini panties.  As my face turned red, I heard Michelle cry out "It's not from us!"  I knew the truth when I saw George and Susan almost dying from laughter.  You guessed it!  George thought it would be fun to buy the gag gift and pretend it was from someone else!



Sally Sweet  
NW WI ALS Support Group
Media Coordinator

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