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It is hard to believe that Summer is just around the corner. Vaccines, developed in a record time, are driving down the number of Covid-19 cases in the US and finally also in Europe. Some of us are starting to travel again internationally and we may finally see the light at the end of this long tunnel. Too many families have suffered, too many businesses need to recover. Our private lives and our business activity will, with high probability, now get back to a certain level of normality. We are all very much looking forward to that!

Business is, in most cases, reaching very high level of activity, for some coming back to pre-crisis levels, for others even going beyond that. This brings new challenges especially with supply chains under heavy load and intense stress levels. Global shortages in electronics are shutting down factories lacking key materials and some commodities are skyrocketing. Especially in the US, labor shortages are impacting operations and keeping business leaders up at night (most common cited factor) driving HR, efficiency and automation initiatives! Read full article
One-on-One with Uwe Keller, Managing Director, EVP Sales, Isabellenhütte USA

Each quarter we sit down with industry executives and thought leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices that are transforming their businesses.
Today, we are with Uwe Keller, Managing Director, Executive Vice President Sales of Isabellenhütte USA to discuss how Uwe and his team are successfully developing the North American business for a German Industry Champion. Read full interview
Altix Welcomes New Partners & Team Members

Altix team continues to grow across industries, expertise, and geographies to apply a consistent dedication to helping industry leaders grow and compete on a global scale.

E-Commerce Trends
for Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution companies are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution which includes cyber-physical systems, automation, digitalization, data and artificial intelligence. Companies that are taking advantage of technology and innovation are getting ahead of the competition. The global pandemic crisis and its related economic downturn have only accelerated the trends towards digitalization and automation. So, the question is...are you ready for the future?

On April 27th, Altix Consulting and Von Lehman CPA & Advisory Firm partnered to present Trends in E-Commerce for Manufacturing and Distribution and to hear directly from industry leaders Armor USA, Inc., Modula Inc., and TrueChoicePack Corporation.

Lean Management

Jim Schreck

Providing value to customers, operational excellence, and employee engagement are critical to the long-term success and survival of your business. Global competition, both external and internal has never been clearer, and survival will be limited to those who proactively commit to continuous improvement and waste reduction. Reacting after threats are imminent is always too late.

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Lean Management has consistently demonstrated it provides the best platform and tools to drive your organizations culture, growth, and profitability. Lean will transform your organization through employee engagement, waste elimination, continuous improvement, cost reduction, and visual appearance.

Toothbrush Plant Reverses Decay in Competitiveness: Lean Enterprise Institute's case study on Altix Partner Liam Cassidy' successful turnaround of the largest Oral-B toothbrush plant in the world. Access Case Study

Is your Sales Engine Designed for Performance?

Companies across industries strive or perish through the power (or weakness), and the performance, of their commercial engine. 

Sales organizations are challenged more than ever to rethink and re-design their operating systems in order to secure a strong market position in an often-ultra-competitive environment.

Le Cercle Executive Roundtable recently welcomed a select group of industry leaders, from around the globe, to exchange on the topic of designing high performance sales operating models and to learn how middle-market industry champions design their sales operating systems (SOS) and models (SOM) for success and high performance.

Altix Le Cercle is a virtual executive roundtable for industry champions to gather with peers, to exchange, learn, and benchmark; and to leverage best practices to develop a stronger competitive advantage.

To learn more about Le Cercle email [email protected]

ALTIX Declared
"All Around Champion"
of the Mason Corporate Challenge

ALTIX Consulting demonstrated their corporate best practices by showing up at 100% and leading this competition as they do their client solutions – with creativity and innovation.

The commitment to Mason’s Culture of Wellness went global, with teams worldwide scaling mountains with the same dedication that they scale companies. Click on image to view slide show

The City of Mason is committed to cultivating a culture of wellness for the companies, citizens and visitors to the community. This Corporate Challenge is a unique opportunity to bring Mason portfolio companies and their employees together, foster healthy activity and support talent recruitment.

Fun Fact

Camille Bernard, Altix Junior Associate, shares Altix' passion for entrepreneurship and international business.

Transferred to Cincinnati two and half years ago, Camille enthusiastically integrated her new American community, and opened a French Creperie at the historical Findlay Market where she shares her French culture and delights her customers with a favorite French culinary tradition.
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