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We hope your 2021 is off to a great start and that, thanks to the deployment of several COVID-19 vaccines and the return of consumer confidence, the pain and disruption of the last nine months will soon be in our rearview mirror.
Looking forward, 2021 will be a year of transition. After a year of living in a highly volatile environment and planning day-by-day with limited visibility, individuals and businesses are ready to take charge again and are looking forward to shaping their future. The sentiment in the news, as well as the economic outlook trends, predict that 2021 will be a year of economic rebound, with strong growth opportunity.

Opportunity never favors the unprepared”, as we state in the Altix Amplifier for Industry Champions video.  In this first newsletter of the year, we are proud to share exciting news about Altix and about industry champions who have prepared for the economic rebound.

One-on-One with Greg Schulte, President & CEO
Bonfiglioli USA

Each quarter we sit down with industry executives and thought leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices that are transforming their businesses.
Today, we are with Greg Schulte, President of Bonfiglioli USA Inc. to discuss how Greg and his team are successfully developing the North American business for a European / Italian Industry Champion.

Altix International Expansion

Altix Acquires Irish-based LCL Consult LTD

(Cincinnati, Ohio- February 18, 2021) - Altix Consulting Inc. (ALTIX), a greater Cincinnati-based boutique consulting firm specializing in strategy and operation for international manufacturing champions, today announced the acquisition of LCL Consult Ltd (LCL) based in Dublin, Ireland.
“LCL is the global leader in transforming traditional factories into Lean benchmark sites,” said Yannick Schilly, President of ALTIX. “With implementations across the automotive, aerospace, technology and consumer packaged goods industries, LCL’s specialized expertise will allow us to further evolve as we look to the future. They have an impressive track record, and we are excited to welcome them to the ALTIX team.”

Altix Launches
German-Language Website

Altix is proud to launch its German-language website at

Germany, German industry and Mittlestand companies, are such an important part of Altix, that having a German website was a top priority from day one.

Today, Germany is the number one country of origin of the Altix client portfolio as well as of the Altix partners, who bring decades of hands-on experience leading global operations for German advanced manufacturing companies.

Altix is uniquely positioned to support German industry champions with global strategies, technology transformation, and operational excellence projects with in-country, German-speaking senior advisors, working across multiple cultures, continents and time zones:

In North America:

In Europe:

In Asia:

Please contact Anne Cappel for references and introductions to Altix Partners.
Altix Welcomes New Partner & Team Members

Altix team continues to grow across industries, expertise, and geographies to apply a consistent dedication to helping industry leaders grow and compete on a global scale.

Platform Strategies
Christian Leonhard

The trend towards customized products is accelerating as customers are moving away from buying off-the-shelf standard products, and increasingly seeking customized products designed to fulfill their specific needs.

This trend requires producers to apply highly effective “Engineer to order” (ETO) and “Make to order” (MTO) processes in order to achieve short delivery times and competitive pricing.
To address this challenge, successful companies have adopted platform strategies. Click on image to open document 

Michelle Segrest, award-winning journalist who has toured manufacturing facilities in more than 75 cities, in 12 countries, and on 3 continents, interviews Yannick Schilly on building the factory of the future.

Listen to this podcast and Learn what small and medium sized companies can do to embrace the Factory of the Future!

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Is your Supply Chain an Asset or a Liability?

As an enterprise grows and scales up its operations in size, geography, and complexity, it is increasingly challenged to preserve the level of collaboration that previously helped it stay agile and focused.

There is a natural tendency for organizations to gravitate from holistic to more siloed mindset due to misalignment in priorities between internal and external functions. The resulting dysfunctions could have significant impact on an enterprise's ability to serve its customers effectively and profitably.

The Altix Q1 2021 Le Cercle Executive Roundtable welcomed a select group of industry leaders, across industries and from around the globe to exchange on the topic of supply chain and to learn how industry champions apply S&OP and associated integrated business planning concepts to amplify their competitive advantage and profitability.

Altix Le Cercle is a virtual executive roundtable for industry champions to gather with peers, to exchange, learn, and benchmark; and to leverage best practices to develop a stronger competitive advantage.

To learn more about Le Cercle email
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