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2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year. The year and the economy started strong worldwide before going into a dramatic full stop triggered by the Covid19 pandemic crisis and followed by a severe global economic crisis. Many of us have suffered as individuals, watching family and friends struggle or simply from long separations due to travel restrictions especially in the international space. Organizations have suffered, for profit businesses as well as for non-profit organization, cities, states and nations worldwide - something never seen before in our lifetimes!

One on One with Mike Johnston,
President & CEO of Dukane.
Each quarter we sit down with industry executives and thought leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices that are transforming their businesses. Today, we are with Mike Johnston, President & CEO of Dukane to discuss how its rich legacy and culture of being customer focused and market centric has positioned Dukane as a world leader in plastic welding and laser cutting applications.

Altix Welcomes New Strategic Partners

Altix is delighted to welcome three new Strategic Partners to its team of seasoned industry executives and senior advisors, to serve seamlessly its clients' international operations and ambitions.
Change Management for a Brave New World 

By Ramesh Chandra - Altix Partner Supply Chain

...Just as Lean is much more profound than an aggregation of useful tools and techniques, Industry 4.0 offers us a potential far greater than the sum of diverse digital technologies that currently define it. The combination of Lean and Industry 4.0 - Lean 4.0 offers us tantalizing new opportunities at revolutionizing the end-to-end supply chain. There are three prominent areas where Lean 4.0 is transformative, along with enabling technologies and description of associated implications for lean. ...

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Altix Q3 Le Cercle Executive roundtable welcomed dozens of industry leaders, across industries and from around the globe to exchange on the topic of Business Intelligence.

Two industry leaders, a German and a Chinese global technology company presented an overview of their digital transformation initiatives, stimulating an engaged discussion among participants on their respective challenges and successes.

Regardless of which stage participants were on their digital transformation journey, the consensus was clear: Access to timely and reliable information is vital to success and to ensure corporate fitness and a strong competitiveness.

Altix Le Cercle is a virtual executive roundtable for industry champions to gather with peers, to exchange, learn, and benchmark; and to leverage best practices to develop a stronger competitive advantage. To learn more about Le Cercle email

Business Intelligence
for Smart Industry Champions

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