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We are fast approaching the end of 2021, a year characterized by a strong post-pandemic crisis recovery and economic acceleration. Despite the challenges of an unprecedented global supply chain disruptions, the global economy continues to be strong well into 2022 according to the IMF.  

What we observe, working with companies across multiple industries and continents, is that in the current economic environment, companies struggle with bigger and more complex challenges, most never experienced before. 

Whatever it is, we are reminded daily that the only constant is change, and that we need to improve our future readiness and competitiveness! Like in sports, competitiveness is achieved through a consistent commitment of efforts, and at times focused sprints and learning accelerations.

All year long, we have been working side-by-side with you and your teams to help you transform those challenges into opportunities, in areas of ...

Industry Champions Interview

One-on-One with Sylvia Buxton
President & CEO North America
Perfetti Van Melle

Each quarter we sit down with industry executives and thought leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices that are transforming their businesses.
Today, we are with Sylvia Buxton to discuss how Sylvia and her team successfully developing the North American business for a European / Italian Industry Champion. Read Sylvia Buxton interview - Access all industry champions interviews
Altix Launches Operations Leaders Circle of Excellence
On October 15th, Altix launched the Operations Leaders Circle of Excellence, a roundtable for operations leaders who want to strategically reflect in a peer group format, and extract themselves once a month from their day-to-day, to gain broader perspectives and industry best practices.

13 Operations Leaders from 11 outstanding companies have joined the 2021 – 2022 Operations Leaders Cohort on a "9 months – 9 factories" journey to learn, share, and benchmark on a variety of hot operations topics.

The first roundtable was hosted at ...... Full article
Altix co-organizer of EACC TRANSFORM Industry 4.0 Symposium

In partnership with the European-American Chamber of Commerce and Modula USA, Altix Consulting co-organized the EACC TRANSFORM: INDUSTRY 4.0 Symposium: understanding the pillars of automation and digital transformation: PEOPLE - PROCESS - TECHNOLOGY.

On October 13th, 150 industry leaders participated in person at the new Modula USA factory in Franklin Ohio, to learn, exchange, see best practices in action, and interact in dynamic and inspiring breakout sessions.

Special thanks to:

  • Host: Antonio Pagano, CEO Modula Inc.

  • Keynote speaker Dr. Jay Lee, Vice Chairman & Board Member of Foxconn, Member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Advanced Manufacturing and Production.

  • Panel:
  • Yannick Schilly, President & CEO Altix Consulting - Moderator
  • Phillipe Garnier, CEO & GM, Safran Landing Systems
  • Paco Tello, VP of North America Operations, Perfetti Van Melle
  • Manuel de la Torre, Maintenance Control Engineering, Mubea
  • Kevin Eustace, Senior VP & GM, Siemens Digital Industry
Featured Altix Solutions

Altix brings decades of experience successfully designing and implementing winning strategies and transformation projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our team of industry veterans can help you and your team deploy game-changing innovative solutions through proven and time-tested methods.

Digital Transformation

The Industrial world is changing drastically everyday. Companies can no longer afford to think of digital transformation as a possibility. Digital transformation will accelerate your growth and optimize your operations.

Re-imagine how you use technology to steer your operations, and train and enable your people to drive a competitive advantage and become the market leader in your industry Click on image to open document 
Industry 4.0
In this ultra-competitive environment, where industry keeps evolving every day, companies must charge forward and invest in their future in order to keep up and not fall behind. But, transitioning to Industry 4.0 is complex and companies face multiple obstacles and challenges, including the adoption of cyber-physical systems, including connected, smart, integrated, self-learning and self-regulating systems and certainly cultural change management. Click on image to open document 
New Partner Firm in Germany

Cincinnati, USA & Stuttgart, Germany, October 5th 2021 - Altix Consulting Inc, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Koeninger & Partner, a Stuttgart, Germany based boutique consulting firm specialized in international market entry and development for middle market German companies.

“I´m pleased to see our collaboration gear-up to the next level... read full press release
Meet the Altix Global Team

Altix Partners are senior level industry experts with 25+ year's hands-on experience and a proven track-record, to ensure faster, smarter decisions, to give manufacturing leaders the competitive edge they need to compete and lead complex transformation initiatives.

Executive Roundtable
Thursday December 16th
7:30 am USA EST
Virtual meeting

Digital Transformation
Taking full advantage of automation, robotics, information and technology systems.

We are in a unique era characterized by a mesmerizing acceleration in science, engineering and technology. This offers chances and risks at the same time. Using the latest technologies in robotics, automation, information management systems can help our companies to be future ready and remain competitive (costs, quality, lead times,…).

Digital transformations are at the core of the corporate debate and top management initiatives. Are you ready for your digital future?

Altix Le Cercle is a virtual executive roundtable for industry leaders to gather with peers, to exchange, learn, and benchmark; and to leverage best practices to develop a stronger competitive advantage. contact [email protected]

Altix is growing fast and expanding its global headquarters

In January 2022, Altix will be moving to a stand-alone office building in Mason Ohio, Greater Cincinnati region, strengthening our roots, in North America's premier manufacturing and logistical hub, within one-day drive to most major metro regions.

In addition to housing its headquarters, the new space will feature the Altix International Manufacturers Hub, a flexible office hosting solutions and shared services for international SMEs manufacturing companies looking for an affordable and supportive environment to successfully launch, and grow their presence in North America.

For details on space (single desk in shared space, up to 3,000 SF private office suite), as well as shared professional services options, please contact [email protected]
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