August 2018

AM4INFRA builds a common framework for a European life-cycle based asset management approach for transport infrastructure

HORIZON 2020 Project
AM4INFRA has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant 713793.


 Ruud Smit







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CEDR agreement on the AM4INFRA results and follow-up

On the 14th of June, at the CEDR Executive Board (EB) meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia, three members of the AM4INFRA project team contributed to a substantive dialogue of the CEDR Executive Board on the results of the AM4INFRA project (which is an activity in CEDR's current rolling Action Plan2018-2020), and on the follow-up on the project.
The CEDR EB agreed on the Technical Report on the AM4INFRA results. The Technical Report on AM4INFRA was presented by Ramesh Sinhal of Highways England. He showed the video of the animated Windsor meeting of the CEDR EB on the AM4INFRA project, last March 
The agreement with the AM4INFRA Technical Report reflects CEDR's endorsement of the common approach on asset management of infrastructures. The report provides its members a clear reference to proven concepts, methods, models and data/information structures in support of their actions to implement asset management systems on their networks. The technical report is in the process of final editing and will be released before the end of August 2018.
The CEDR EB also discussed and agreed on the proposed follow-up on the AM4INFRA project, to be included in the upcoming rolling CEDR Action Plan 2019-2021. The agreement concerned the proposal by nine CEDR Members to launch a CEDR working group on the subject of Network Governance.
This working group has two objectives: to provide a standing, strategic advisory board to the CEDR Governing Board, and to provide a knowledge portal to CEDR's members. Its function as a strategic, advisory board is to address the key trends and developments in network management with a horizon of 5 to 10 years in support of common positions of the CEDR Governing Board. Its function as a knowledge platform is to support CEDR's members with expertise and relevant documentation on asset management, such as guidelines, case examples, learning environments. This will build from the AM4INFRA Technical Report.
In the discussions the EB members helped to shape objectives and position of the working group, and cementing the alignment with CEDR's mission, vision and strategic objectives. Based on the outcomes of this discussion the proposal will be further elaborated over the coming months, in preparation of the kick-off event in February 2019.

This working group will address the performance of transport infrastructure at a network level in the context of its contribution to the national and European economy, society and environment. Starting with a focus on asset management (systems), over time this working group will also include synergies with the immediate surroundings of the infrastructure networks (i.e. collaborative planning) as well as the subject of 'future proofing' the networks' performance in view of the various societal challenges the managers are facing.
With the CEDR EB agreement on the results from AM4INFRA and on the follow-up activities, a major objective of the AM4INFRA coordinating support action has been achieved: maximising the replication potential across the European TEN-T network of the delivered common framework approach on asset management on transport infrastructures.

For more details on AM4INFRA, see http://www.am4infra.euwatch the first AM4INFRA video and the second AM4INFRA video or contact the Dissemination and Communication leader Adewole Adesiyun.