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AMAA Sports
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AMAA Sports
June 25, 2016
Issue 59

In this issue:
Pro-Jitsu Pay Per View BJJ Event
Pro Wrestling Event this weekend
Martial Arts Seminars
Dance Camps
Masters Tournament
Yoga Camps
& Much More!


Pro-Jitsu Pay Per View Event On July 23, 2016

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Great Match with AMAA Sports Marketing Client, Jeff "The Snowman" Monson as the main event.  Also AMAA Sports Affiliate, Section Eight MMA has Devin "Achilles" Stevens from Lexington, NC in an under card match on this PPV event.  Please support our guys and watch this event!

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Best Impressions Med Spa
Greensboro, NC
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Pro Wrestling Event this WEEKEND!
AMAA Sports affiliate AML Wrestling!

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Dental Center of the Carolinas
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Adults Only Martial Arts Competition
Recommended by: AMAA Sports & Karate International
AMAA Sports Affiliate & Karate International's Grand Master Ginger Gallagher will be the tournament director of this event!

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Play Your American Card
$4.00 Per Card - Partial Proceeds Benefit:

For More Info on the Event Above Contact: traintorelax@gmail.com
Cost: $55.00       
Winston-Salem, NC



only offered every 2 years


Scroll down to see what's happening at your program!

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AMAA Sports welcomes our newest affiliate:
AML Wrestling
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For info on becoming an AMAA Sports Affiliate e-mail gm@amaaunited.com and visit www.amaasports.com 
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Lewisville, Wilkesboro, Elkin, Midway, Pfafftown, Rural Hall
Statesville, Yadkinville, Winston-Salem, Jonesville, Advance   

It's time for our instructors to get their re-certification and new and upcoming instructors to get their certification.  We hold the AMAA certification course every 2 years.  All instructors of Karate International are require to get certified or re-certified every two years to keep your skills sharp and continue to provide quality martial arts training to our Karate International Students.
Date: Saturday, August 27, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM
Where: AMAA Sports Complex of Pfafftown, NC
Instructors: O'Sensei Shane Williams & Master Mike King
Click here to register

MMA, BJJ, & Youth Wrestling
 135 Young Drive, Lexington, NC 27292
website   (336) 251-4715
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Section Eight's Own Devin Stevens will be the under card match in the July 23 Pro-Jitsu Pay Per View Event.  Show your support by ordering this event.

Use promo code: AMAASports to get a 10% Discount when you order!

Devin Stevens
Tae Kwon Do
109 Pisgah Church Road, Greensboro, NC
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We are teaming up with American Martial Artists Association to provide our instructors and potential instructors a certification course that will be taught by Master Mike King & Shane Williams.  This course well help all instructors sharpen their teaching skills as well as get certified by a Professional and Highly Acclaimed institution, American Martial Artists Association!

Greensboro Black Belt Academy is gearing up for an active summer. Kicking camps, nerf night, parents night out, seminars sparring tournament, forms tournament and much more. Hope everybody is ready for a safe active summer!

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SportsCarolina Monthly currently covers youth leagues, high school, college and professional sports. Centered in a hotbed of Atlantic Coast Conference activity, the magazine also covers the Minor League Baseball in Greensboro and Winston Salem, NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, the NFL's Carolina Panthers, NHL's Carolina Hurricanes, PGA and NASCAR. And with an estimated 50+ High Schools in our readership radius, the Triad area proves to be a great location to watch young, aspiring athletes grow.

SportsCarolina Monthly continues to grow, with a brand new website at www.sportscarolinamonthly.com and branching into areas such as video, apps and online radio coverage of your favorite sports in the area. With a current controlled print run of 5,000-10,000 copies each month and unlimited info and material on our website monthly, we are proud to position ourselves as a major player in the world of sports in the Triad. Feedback on the Magazine is highly encouraged. Find us on Facebook and Twitter as well! We look forward to helping you reach your audience!
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www.carringtonrealestate.com                            http://www.frankmyersinvestments.com/

Karate International Logo  
      4685 Yadkinville Rd., Pfafftown, NC 27040
www.kipfafftown.com    (336) 922-0153

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Congrats to all of our testers: Lane, Thomas, Monica, Mia, Joshua, Chip, Levi, Lucas, and Colby.  You all worked very hard for your new ranks and lets keep pushing for your next belt!

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Business Consulting, Strategic Marketing & Market Research!

Karate International Logo  

Karate International of Midway

  189 Hickory Tree Road Suite 116

 Winston Salem, North Carolina 27107

www.kimidway.com  336-880-3641 

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We are having women's self defense classes every other Friday night.

Call us for more details. 


We now offer YOGA at KI Midway.  Give us a call to schedule a trial class! 


We now off Brazilian Jiu-jistu at KI Midway on Mondays at 7:30 PM.  Students and all others welcome.


The teacher is BJJ Instructor Devin Shane Stevens.


 Chris Sweeny is the  Sensei/Chief Instructor of KI Midway!


These classes are going great and we are excited to offer these classes.



  4685-F Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040

Like us on Facebook (336) 837-8320 - nolimitstrainingcenter.com



Karate International Logo  
  Elkin, NC 28642  (336) 922-0153
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Things are rocking here at KI Elkin/Jonesville.  We are signing up new students and our current students are preparing to test for their next ranks this month.  Jake Henley is the Sensei/Chief Instructor of KI Elkin/Jonesville. 
Karate International Logo  
 Karate International of Advance, NC
5289 U.S. 158, Advance, NC, 27006 
 336-486-6542  www.kiadvance.net
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KI Advance has added adult classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Come see us for your NC fireworks this July 4th season! We'll have a stand at the Clemmons Walmart from June 24th to July4th!! Go to  www.tntfireworks.com  to sign up to get coupons!! Lots of Buy 1 Get One FREE items& we'll have a drawing for a fireworks package to be given away on July 4th!

Pfafftown & Winston-Salem Locations
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Visit our website: www.sharonsschoolofdancenc.com for more information about our two triad locations!

Use Promo Code: AMAASPORTS to get a 10% Discount

719 W Gate City BlvdGreensboro, NC 27403
(336) 542-5920

We are teaming up with the American Martial Artists Association to have our new potential instructors and our current instructors get certified by AMAA.  They offer this course every two years.  I would like to have all of you guys support this event.  

Micheal Johnson

Our Cross-Training Martial arts program teaches Karate, Kung-fu, Modern Arnis, Small-Circle Jujitsu and elements of Judo.  Students learn how to control, wield and fight with the Japanese Bo, Chinese Staff, Chinese Long Bo, Nunchaku, Wakizashi Swords and Katana Swords, Escrima Sticks, Sai, Kama, Tonfa, Ekubo, Straight Knives, and the curved Karambit.  We actively spar with empty handed and with weapons, often grouping up to eight uke up against a single opponent.  None of our students ever get injured during sparring because of anyone losing their temper or being careless.  Taking care of our students and teaching them to work together and not against one another is our top priority as a family-oriented martial arts school.
School Of Hard Knocks, Youth Wrestling
4585-F Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040
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School of Hard Knocks is a wrestling club which has produced hundreds of state champs and many high school and college all Americans. Our training and technique have been proven at all levels from elementary to college and even on the senior level in Freestyle. Mike Dalton has been involved with coaching and the  development of many athletes from elementary to college age. He was high school coach at Carver and West Forsyth for 15 years prior to deciding to train kids and adults individually. Come train and meet your full potential mentally and physically.

 4685 Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040
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Welcome to Our Overby Hitting Center
Overby Hitting Center's purpose is to prepare baseball and softball players to compete and succeed. The mechanics and mental approach we teach is what separates us from other instructors. 
Teaching students how to hit and diagnose the mechanics brings good results. No magic dust, just hard work a little success and encouragement.
How our kids view themselves may be our biggest achievement. Confidence in yourself plays a big roll in playing sports and in the class room. 
We teach skills, our kids understand doing the skill well does not make them a good person and doing the skill poorly does not make them a bad person. It's just a skill! 
Continual encouragement to work at the skill until they have mastered it helps develop a healthy self image. These skills can be duplicated until it happens naturally. 
Our students understand you will never work so hard at anything just to have fun!


AMAA SportsComplex 



Now in 3 Locations

Pfafftown/Winston-Salem          Davie County         Midway, NC



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Pfafftown                        Davie County 



Davie County Location Programs offered:


Women's Self Defense

Youth Wrestling

Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Midway Location Programs offered:

KinKou-Ryu Karate

Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Women's Self Defense


Pfafftown/Winston-Salem Location Programs offered:

Karate International, Vision Gymnastics, Sharon's School of Dance, Galaxy Elite Allstars Cheerleading,  No Limits Training Center, YOGA, School of Hard Knocks, Youth Wrestling

129 Fayette St. Suite 104, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
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Enter Promo Code: AMAASPORTS

AMAA Sports Marketing is proud to represent MMA fighter Jeff Monson.  You can read about Jeff Monson's amazing fighting career here.

Monson is now offering his popular seminars through AMAA Sports.  He is currently doing seminars all over the world.  For more info on getting The Snowman to your gym to do a seminar contact AMAA Sports Marketing at 336-922-0153.  
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Want to sponsor AMAA Sports?  
e-mail gm@amaaunited.com 
   of Charlotte, Pfafftown,  Winston-Salem & Rock Hill
   4685 Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040
(336) 922-0153
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Vision Gymnastics and Dance is currently enrolling.  Vision has certified instructors that have a strong focus on technique.  Join us at our Rock Hill SC location for summer camp.  We have limited spots available.  Home of the $65 a week summer camp.  Owner/operator Jane Johnson is a choreographer and is the current gymnastics and dance instructor.  NY native has been in the gymnastics and dance industry for many years.  The vision of Vision is to provide an uplifting environment where all students are taught properly from day one.  Shaniece Wilson and Danielle Jessup are current coaches on Team Vision in Pfafftown NC.  Both former competitive gymnasts.  We are pleased with our family friendly environment.  Call to schedule your free class today.  704.243.9157

Karate International Logo
(704) 360-5567          www.kistatesville.com  
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Flip Flop & Fly Gymnastic

of Yadkinville, NC


2060 Old U.S 421 Rd. Yadkinville, NC 27055 

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Enrollment has started for the Summer Season.  Call to set your appointment now!


25 Years of Sports Marketing Excellence

Amateur & Professional Athletes
Sponsorship Acquisition
Strategic Marketing for Sports Studios
Social Media  


Galaxy Elite AllStars Cheer Leading

4685-F Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC


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We have opened in our new location in Pfafftown, NC.  


We have a great team of cheer leaders and we have openings for more.


For more info call 336-922-0153 and let the fun begin.


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Custom Shirts. Custom Backdrops. Custom Cage Canvases.
Looking for some high quality semi-custom or fully custom gear? Here are a few samples of our work.
Custom Shirts for Fighters, Teams, Staff, Events, and Promotions. (We can do 1 shirt or 5000 shirts.)
Custom Backdrops for great quality photos, interviews, and advertisement. Non-reflective (unlike vinyl), dye-sublimated (design will never peel or crack), and virtually wrinkle free. (Sizes up to 10' tall and 20' wide, nominal.) Machine Wash and Dry!
Custom Vinyl Cage Canvas, made to fit your cage with reinforced edges, reinforced cut-outs for the cage post, and super smooth 'welded' seams. Made to your specifications.
Contact us here on Facebook OR visit our 'CUSTOM GEAR' page on our website:


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Auto Liquidation Direct

Car DealershipAutomotive WholesalerLoans
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   Wind Dancers
Karate International Logo
6497 Shallowford Road,  Lewisville, NC 27023
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KRI Martial Arts / Ancient Martial Arts Int'l Institute 

Florida, US - Spain - Italy - Germany

American Martial Artists Association is proud to have promoted the following KRI Martial Arts students recently:

 Elisenda Esteban Caimari 
   D egree:  Blue Belt          StyleShotokan Karate

Dojo Tot Sport Calvia - Spain

Date:   06/10/2016

 Omnain F. Kutos Y.

Degree:    2nd. Degree Black Belt     

Style:      Chinese Martial Arts

Dojo:     Ancient  Martial Arts Int´l. Institute - Canada

Date:      05/18/2016

Congrats to    Ralph Matute who has been certified by the American Martial Artists Association (AMAA) in the following disciplines:

Black Belt - JUDO

Ajarn - Muay Boran

UNC Charlotte Martial Arts & Fitness Club

Charlotte, NC
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Ivan Grijalva - Instructor

Karate International Logo
  Karate International of Rural Hall/King, NC


  (336) 922-0153

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KinKou-Ryu training for students by O'Sensei Shane Williams now open.   Call 336-922-0153 for more info.
E-Mail gm@amaaunited.com 
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Karate International Logo

Karate International of Wilkesboro, NC







Commercial Sports Management
 & Marketing Certification Course

2016 offered by:

This course is designed for professionals who are starting a sports program or already have sports programs, as well as, anyone in the sports management, sports marketing, and/or sports media industries.  This course will be taught by expert professors; read more click here!

call 336-922-0153 or e mail gm@amaaunited.com

  Morganton, NC
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Types of classes will vary from time to time in rotation, currently: Mondays detox and toning. Tuesdays  flexibility and balance. Thursday weight loss strength. Saturday relaxing, meditation  
Call 704-292-9603 for more info!

Stephanie Miner Skin Care
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 Pfafftown, NC
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To be a sponsor of Jacob Hammack Racing
Contact AMAA Sports Marketing

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Location:  Beside Harris Teeter at the intersection of Meadowlark Dr and Robinhood Rd

AMAA Sports' Affiliates

(click on name of program to see their website)

 Ancient Martial Arts International Institute   Shuck & Duck Youth Wrestling    
         AMAA Sports Complex, Winston-Salem      MMAS Ying & Yang Kung fu  

Want to become an AMAA Sports Affiliate and join a huge sports collaboration?  

E-Mail gm@amaaunited.com

AMAA Sports 

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