Shirlene Ostrov's NEW State Party Budget Explains EVERYTHING

Aloha, Republicans:

Until this morning, HIRA had close to zero interest in following the financial zanyness of the beleaguered state party.

And then, one of the leading members of the Oahu League of RINO Women e-mailed us at 7:00 this morning. Mr. Garry Smith excitedly sent HIRA information about an upcoming fundraiser for the Hawaii GOP. What really got our attention was the unqualified declaration by this committed Women's League member: "This is going to be a great event and continue the new chair's efforts to raise money to contribute to Republican campaigns. I know you will support her."

This sales pitch by the Oahu League is an extremely serious claim.  It's been a REALLY LONG TIME since the Hawaii GOP spent even a penny on what is known as " direct candidate support". So when Garry Smith, a top leader of liberal Republican women on Oahu, started his day by assuring HIRA that the state party under Shirlene Ostrov definitely planned "to contribute to Republican campaigns", HIRA wasted no time reaching out to state party officials to confirm the veracity of this stunning claim used by Ostrov supporters as a sales pitch to help sell tickets to her upcoming fundraiser.

From state party leaders, HIRA today learned that Ostrov just submitted her budget for approval to the state party's governing 'State Committee' last weekend following three months of number-crunching by Ostrov and her team. Surely, if the claim made by Garry Smith has any truth to it, this budget will clearly show that state party funds are being explicitly dedicated "to contribute to Republican campaigns". THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because years and years and years of state party spending has gone 100% to administrative overhead, while not a single penny has been given to candidates ( let alone to indirect support of candidates, e.g. advertising).

Well, HIRA has obtained a copy of that very budget --  prepared by Shirlene Ostrov and recently submitted by her for approval following nearly three months of Ostrov's own decision-making about the party's financial and political priorities.  This budget surely reveals EXACTLY how Ostrov feels about what a political party should be doing for the two years between elections.  It will reveal precisely where Ostrov believes that donor funds are BEST SPENT by the new Hawaii GOP.

And the verdict is in . . . Shirlene Ostrov's new state party budget really explains EVERYTHING.   Candidates will be receiving ZERO SUPPORT from the Hawaii GOP, directly or indirectly.  Yes, you read that correctly.  NONE!!!!

Sorry, Garry Smith. You and your fellow RINO women are either completely misinformed, severely delusional, deliberately lying to HIRA (and everyone else), lying to yourself, lying to prospective ticketbuyers, or ALL OF THE ABOVE.  You should be ashamed of the 'bait and switch' tactics that you and other party RINO's are using to get your grubby hands on our money by making us think that we are helping to get GOP candidates elected.  Shame!!

Despite a projection of $120,000 raised from the upcoming fundraising dinner that Garry Smith and Shirlene Ostrov are promoting, there's not a penny budgeted for allocation to ANY Republican campaigns. Not for any state house candidates. Not for any state senate candidates. Not for any county council candidates. Not for any mayoral candidates. Not for any gubernatorial candidates. Not for any congressional or senatorial candidates. Not a penny.


In addition, the OLRW's Garry Smith wrote again to HIRA and  attacked Shirlene Ostrov's budget as being extremely unrealistic and too rosy:   "I don't know what the $120,000 is you are talking about (for the Huckabee event in late October), I know of no one predicting they were going to make that kind of money."  Clearly, even the RINO women's league thinks that Ostrov's budget is a total joke, which means there will be even LESS money available to the state party for anything.

No matter how the Ostrov state party raises money , this new budget show that EVERY ticket purchased, every check written, every online donation, every dollar tossed into a calabash will ALL be diverted purely to administrative overhead .

Don't believe it?!?    You can review the Ostrov state party budget for yourself . Click HERE  to review it.  Shirlene Ostrov is continuing the Miriam Hellreich tradition of pretending to care about beating Democrats while using sleight of hand to instead divert donor funds to office expenses.

What you also will NOT see is spending which indirectly helps candidates. There's no money for canvassing, advertising, lobbying, telemarketing, social media, field support, or anything else which could help Republicans win.

EVERY PENNY raised by the Ostrov state party is for purchasing and maintaining a luxury suite of underutilized offices. In other words, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Ostrov's budget is like Rohlfing's budget, like Saiki's budget, like David Chang's budget, like Beth Fukumoto's budget, etc.

People like Garry Smith will tell you all kinds of shibai about the party 'helping candidates'. But the reality is quite different.

This is probably WHY  Shirlene Ostrov wanted every single party volunteer to sign an extreme and very controversial confidentiality agreement (CA) which allows the party to sue anyone crazy enough to sign this CA for speaking the truth.  [After HIRA revealed Ostrov's plan, she tried to reassure party volunteers by falsely announcing she would NOT use this draconian CA.  Minutes later, her minions were collecting signatures anyway and even e-mailing the CA to volunteers with the expectation they would feel compelled to sign the insane document.]  This 2-page budget PROVES BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Ostrov plans to keep the Hawaii GOP on auto-pilot and give Democrats no reason to lose sleep at night -- even while misleading party members and donors into thinking that candidates stand a better chance in 2018 . . . which they DON'T, as this budget proves.

And the truth is that Ostrov is just another willing puppet helping RINO's Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich to keep the GOP on the sidelines; doing nothing whatsoever to make it easier for Republican candidates to unseat Democrats.

Nope, Garry Smith. Go back and tell your fellow RINO women that Shirline Ostrov is a fake, a fraud. READ THE BUDGET. If you continue telling people that the income from Hawaii GOP's fundraising events will help candidates, then you are a lying RINO woman. Ostrov's own budget outs you and your fellow RINO women as complete liars.

It's often said that the Hawaii GOP is under the control of liberals and closet Democrats who have no intention of taking the fight to Democrats.

Ostrov's budget and Garry Smith's lies overwhelmingly serve to validate that theory.

If, on the other hand, Ostrov instead was to decide to operate the Hawaii GOP from her garage and free up all that wasted money on overhead (many, many thousand$ per month) so funds could be actually repurposed from being blown on luxury office suites ( including a LIFETIME free office space for the Oahu League of RINO Women) and spent instead on advertising that explains to voters how Democrats and their policies hurt Hawaii as well as providing funding for candidates, then the reality would be quite different.  But, that's NOT the plan at all.  Nothing is changing for the better.   The status quo has been preserved.

Facts are facts. RINO's Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki and Linda Lingle can bring VIP's from the mainland to Hawaii for Republican fundraisers. But Ostrov's own budget ( supported by fellow RINO's Hellreich and Saiki) shows clearly the following:  Political has-been Mike Huckabee is coming all the way to Hawaii merely for the purpose of helping to pay the costly monthly maintenance fee of $3,000, plus the monthly mortgage payment, the monthly photocopier fee, the monthly accounting and bookkeeping expenses, taxes, insurance, building repairs, and other assorted monthly administrative overhead and building cleaning costs.   NOT HELPING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.

One year ago, Fritz Rohlfing's vice chairwoman "Fancy Nancy" Monahan  admitted to a situation which has been true for years  AND CONTINUES TO BE TRUE TO THIS VERY DAY . . .

With that in mind, should you decide to attend Ostrov's phony fundraiser, and should somebody stand at the podium thanking you for helping to get Republicans elected, remember that HIRA told you today how Ostrov's own state party budget proves that the opposite is true: NOT A PENNY RAISED BY OSTROV WILL BE SPENT HELPING REPUBLICANS, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY.

All fundraising undertaking by the state party  continues to be a farce. Any pretense of RINO party leaders actually trying to win elections is like bad kabuki theatre.  So, save your money and donate directly to candidates instead . Don't succumb to the lies told by these fraudulent RINO's .

Now, if you see Shirlene Ostrov ( or Miriam Hellreich or Garry Smith), ask her about next year's $60,000 balloon payment on the party's office mortgage which is due at the same time that the 2018 campaign is in full swing. Then ask her ( or her or him) exactly HOW MUCH money is actually being dedicated to candidates.   Prepare to be lied to -- just like HIRA was today.
Finally, please help HIRA keep the pressure on our mismanaged, corrupt, and bankrupt state GOP so that we can someday have a RINO-free party that enthusiastically takes the fight to the Democrats rather than rolling over and playing dead.  Join us today and change Hawaii tomorrow!

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