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April Newsletter 2018
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It's riding time! At least for most of us. For some of you in the North the grips of winter just will not let go. Most Chapters are starting to get out and ride so make sure if you are not part of a local chapter, please consider joining one.  

Are you looking for a new AMCA Chapter in your area? If you don't see on one on the AMCA Chapter Map, make sure to click on the "Read More" link below to see a list of all the new areas of the country in the process of starting a chapter.

Two BIG Opportunities to join multiple AMCA Chapters on major events is coming this Fall. First on the Motorcycle Cannonball followed on the AMCA Field at the Barber's Vintage Festival.

The first event is the Motorcycle Cannonball from September 8th through 23rd. This year AMCA will have its own traveling display advancing the teams and introducing the Club to the masses.

If you would like to volunteer to help out on one of the 15 stops from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, the AMCA
rolling display will be in the following towns: Portland, ME; Keene, NH; Binghamton, NY; Jamestown, NY; Bowling Green, OH; Bourbonnais, IL; Anamosa, IA; Spirit Lake, IA; Pierre, SD; Sturgis, SD; Billings, MT; Kalispell, MT; Spokan Valley, WA, The Dalles, OR and Portland, OR.

AMCA Chapters in several of those areas will be helping but we are looking to fill in the gaps for stops out of Chapter Areas. We will be working the crowds three hours prior to the Cannonball bikes rolling into each town.  If you are interested, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer.

The second opportunity is the 14th Annual Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park, October 5-7 in Birmingham, Alabama.

This year the AMCA's Deep South, Diamond, Low Country, Legends, Music City, and Smoky Mountain Chapters will participate on the AMCA Field. As part of our commitment to Barbers, we will conduct an antique motorcycle display on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday in Lot A.
On Friday AMCA will present the "Kickstart Roar" where all bikes on display will be fired up at one time. On Saturday we will hold the AMCA Bike Show along with Youth Judging presented by Hagerty Insurance. AMCA will also oversee the "Century Parade" which will take place on Saturday. For the final day of the event (Sunday), AMCA will hold the first ever "Field Games" to be conducted at BVF. A for sure crowd pleaser.
AMCA will also oversee the "AMCA Vintage Lap" where any vintage motorcycle in our display will be allowed to take a lap on the track. This will take place Sunday during the 11am-12pm lunch break.
AMCA will supply a large tent to display the Oldest of the old bikes. Barbers will furnish overnight security for our area.
Barbers is offering the first 100 AMCA members who will commitment to having at least one motorcycle on display for all three days two weekend passes. For those who are tent campers and purchase a camping pass, Barber's will mark off a special area in Lot B to keep our AMCA members together. If you are interested in two free weekend passes to have your bike on display on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer.



Pate Swap Meet   

Special Cherokee Chapter   
Motorcycle area

April 26-29 
Fort Worth, Texas

May 3-6
Carson Classic Road Run
Livingston, Texas 
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Buckeye Chapter

Spring Get Together at the M.A.P.S. Air Museum 
Pancake Breakfast and Antique Bike Display

April 29 
North Canton, Ohio  
May 12
Motor Maids Ride
Bolivar, Ohio

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2nd Annual
Motorcycle Swap Meet

May 6

Waterford, Michigan

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Musketball Run 
May 19-20 

Alpine, Arizona

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Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet 
Vintage Motorcycle Show 
May 20
Centreville, Michigan 
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Empire Chapter

Sylvan Beach Bike Show

May 20th 
Sylvan Beach, New York

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Wild Ones: 
Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Featuring the  
Pan Head Reunion

Saturday, July 14th  
Badger Heritage Chapter 
Pan Head Ride to Wauseon

July 16th-19th

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Pandemonium Ride

Milwaukee to Wauseon 
Did you know that you can keep up with Chapter Events by going to the AMCA Website and clicking on "Chapters" then "Chapter Events" to see what's going on in your area?

If your Chapter is planning an event for the Summer and you want listed, please send the event poster or flyer to AMCA Executive Director

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Gail (Red) Cadwell 
by Tom Green  

Red was a large man. He weighed a bit more and was somewhat taller than usual which was not particularly noticeable unless you were joining him in a room full of jockeys or motorcycle racers-both groups noted for attracting men of small stature.

Red was born on a farm near Colome, South Dakota. By the time he was ten his parents, Clarence and Gladys deciding they'd had enough of the farm life, especially in the middle of a depression, moved the family to California where his father sought work in the Vallejo ship yards. Jobs were available but housing wasn't so they moved to Redding while his father worked for about a year on Shasta Dam, eventually moving to North Sacramento where Red attended Grant Union High School.

The Fort Sutter MC promoted the annual scrambles at Colfax. In 1955, not quite a year after joining the Polka Dots, Red scored a podium finish.
While at Grant, besides playing on the football team, Red took welding and auto shop. With those skills he managed to take a little '31 model A roadster, put in a V-8 60, and channeled the body down on the frame. Then he welded the doors shut so you had to crawl over them to get to the chaise lounge pad that served as a seat.

In 1948, Red got a night job at the El Rancho Drive In Theater in West Sacramento. Driving down K Street one evening on his way to work he encountered Jerry Cordy in his '34 Ford coupe. At a stop light, Jerry revved his engine and the race was on-so was the beginning of a life long relationship. Following high school Red and Jerry spent the next two years with a variety of jobs, an ever growing friendship, and an interest in anything automotive-especially motorcycles. 


2018 AMCA Schedule 
February 23-24
Fremont, NE       Omaha Chapter National Meet
March 5-7
DeLand, Florida      Sunshine Chapter National Road Run
March 9-10
New Smyrna Beach, FL     Sunshine ChapterNational Meet   
April 27-28                                   
Oley, PA    Perkiomen Chapter National Meet                   
May 18-20
Denton, NC     Southern National Meet         
May 25-26
Raalte, Netherlands   European Chapter National Meet
June 10-13      
Round Top, NY     Hudson Valley Chapter National Road Run
June 15-16
St. Paul, MN     Viking Chapter National Meet              
June 15-16
Dixon, CA     Fort Sutter Chapter National Meet
July 20-22                           
Wauseon, OH     Wauseon National Meet
July 26-28       
Cottage Grove, OR      Oregon Trail Chapter National Road Run
August 3-4                         
Terryville, CT    
Yankee Chapter National Meet *New Location 
August 25-26                    
Bulli, AUSTRALIA     Australia Chapter National Meet                  
BULLI Show Grounds
September 4-6        
Onalaska, Wisconsin     Driftless Chapter National Road Run
September 12-14    
Deadwood, SD      Black Hills Chapter National Road Run
September 28-29             
Jefferson, PA      Chesapeake Chapter National Meet        
Visit for links to each event and details 

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Matt Hopple

by Lemmy #25200

Looking at that photo, you might guess it came from one of our older members' scrapbooks. Most of us have a had a buddy just like this fella: a young guy with a hot, stripped-down little Ironhead.
However, that's not an old photo - nor is the bike's pilot an old rider. That's Matt Hopple, a very recent AMCA member, having just joined in October 2017 at age 24. 
Matt's not new to clubs, though. He's been an active member of the Reading Motorcycle Club for three years, and their dragstrip is where these photos were taken. His bike is a 1981 Harley-Davidson XLCH. Matt's done most everything to the bike himself, and it's got the heart of a champion. Not long ago, Matt took on a Panhead on that very strip and laid waste to a Panhead after it got the better of him on the first pass.


This section is a feature section for AMCA member motorcycles or stories. If you would like to have your bike featured, please submit up to four photos and information about your bike and yourself to AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer. 
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In our ongoing effort to add dots to the map, here is a list of Chapters trying to form.

South Alabama,
North Arkansas                
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Fresno, California             
Northeast Canada           
Indianapolis, Indiana

Knoxville, Tennessee          
Toledo, Ohio                          
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Salt Lake City, Utah         

If you live in one of these areas and would like to experience the Chapter life, please contact our Executive Director, Keith Kizer

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Local Chapters are the ones who bring camaraderie to enjoying the sport you love. If you are not a member of your local chapter, please look them up and visit their next meeting or event. You can find them in the block above by clicking on the Chapter Link which takes you to the map. Click on the state of choice then on one or more of the bubbles in that state. Once you click on the bubble, scroll down to the information for that club. Most have a website link, but if not, click the email link and ask for details of their Chapter.

For those who dedicate their time as Chapter officers, directors or volunteers please send me your Chapter Events so I can include it in the next newsletter.

We will include your local events with links back to the "Chapter Event" pages of the main AMCA website. If you have Chapter logos, Upcoming Event logos, artwork, or photos, please include those too. We are here to help you promote your events to other members.

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RacerAMCA Racer (Continued) 
Fresh out of the Navy, Red went to work for the Hall-  Burdette Norton dealership giving him an employee benefit the other shops couldn't match_a chance to take a test ride on the fabled Norton Manx.
Actually, Red's fascination with motorcycles began even earlier than his interest in hot rods when his brother let him ride his 1929 Indian. In fact, Red got so interested in motorcycle he acquiredan 1948 Norton ES2 and began rding the foothills and cow trails.

By June of 1950 the Korean War had begun and Red and Jerry (now good buddies) decided they better do something before the draft and the Army got them so, in December of 1950, they enlisted in the Navy.

Following boot camp, Machinist Mate school at Great Lakes, and ship assignment Red and Jerry still managed to stay together and were assigned to Pearl Harbor as their home port.

Red, feeling he'd have a better time in the Islands with some transportation and something to do, asked his father to ship him his Norton. When the crate arrived they opened it to find a brand new ES2 Norton. Now Red could spend his liberties tearing up the mountain roads around O'ahu.

In October, 1954, after being discharged (two months early) from the Navy, Red went to work at 
Catalina 1958 - A number of years after the race, Red and his wife, Kay took a vacation trip back to Catalina and while rummaging through a box of old photos in a souvenir/curio shop, they found this photo of Red taking a wild slide through the streets of Avalon.
the Navy, Red went to work at the Hall-Burdette Norton dealership on Bell Avenue. It was a perfect fit. There was a group of would-be racers, known as "the Norton Gang" who hung out at the shop and, like Red, most of them were Korean War Veterans. Most of these guys belonged to the Fort Sutter Motorcycle Club but were getting dissatisfied with the fact that the Fort Sutter group was getting more involved in  promoting than racing and riding. So, in June of 1954 some of the Norton Gang broke away from Fort Sutter and formed the "Polka Dots"-a 100% competition motorcycle club. Red joined the club in October of that year (he missed being a charter member by just a few months) and spent, as it turned out,    the rest of his life riding and racing with the club. He rode mostly sportsman's events: Enduros, hare and hounds, scrambles, and even an occasional observed trials but threw in enough short track and TTs to rack up
It was a great day when Red's competition license finally arrived. Over a year of work had finally paid off.
points to earn his national number.

Hall-Burdette offered to let him race the shop bike, a twin cylinder 500cc Norton Dominator. He rode the Dominator in May, 1956 in his first GP at Catalina, a r
ace the promoters were trying to fashion after the famous Isle of Mann TT.

At this point it should be pointed out that Red had obviously been busy (and quite successful) racing locally because in those days if you wanted to enter the Catalina race you didn't just ride up to the officials and say, "Here I am, where's the starting line." You had to submit your qualifications in advance, list what events you had ridden and how you finished. If you met the qualification requirements you were entered in the race and assigned a number.

Later that year he bought his first BSA twin, a 650cc from Harold Ball and Elmer Graves who
sweetened the deal with a partial sponsorship which allowed him to buy parts at the shop's
cost. They also had a 500cc twin all set up for the ΒΌ mile races at Belmont which Red rode for
one season. Then, in 1957, Harold Ball suggested they needed more horse power to get Red's 225
lbs. around the track. So, they bored and stroked Red's 650cc twin to make it 750cc. Suddenly
Red was going faster and people were wondering where all the extra power was coming from.

But Red still had an affinity for the BSA Goldstar. He had bought one in 1956 and, in 1958 bought another one and soon became a regular at Belmont, a track he considered the most fun to ride. Belmont didn't require a lot of horsepower but Red took the wrenches to it just the same.

In an article on Gold Stars in Motorcycle Classics magazine Red was quoted as saying, "I raised the compression and put in better cams.
July 1960 - Red taking a practice lap at the Sacramento Mile on the old fairgrounds on Stockton Blvd.
 There was a guy in Southern California who made cams, and Harold Ball in Sacramento was the local dealer. He had a knack for getting the most out of whatever motorcycle he was working on. He helped me with the machine work but I did all the engine work myself. My main competition was Dick Dorresteyn, a fast Triumph rider from Richmond. I only beat him once and that was happenstance. It was a great experience and a great motorcycle although it was underpowered for my six-foot four-inch frame-especially on longer tracks." Red continued the dirt track racing into the mid-sixties but during the fall and winter months, which was off-season for the dirt tracks, he continued to ride scrambles, hare and hounds, and enduros. Taking on, and finishing, the fabled 500 mile, two day Greenhorn Enduro three times as well as the Big Bear Hare and Hound.
1957 At the Vallejo Half-Mile
He was doing so well that in June of 1964 he received a letter from the AMA advising him that he was "advanced to Class 'A' or Expert in all future Endurance and Reliability Runs." In 1969 he became the AMA's National Hare and Hound Champion (500cc class) in their Sportsman Championship Program.

As the sixties came to an end Red was racing less and less flat track although he did make appearances at local venues such as Roseville, Hughes Stadium, and even the old Edmond's Field baseball diamond. His concentration on scrambles was paying off as he won the Orangevale Championship. The only down side was that scrambles paid off in trophies not money.

So he slowly brought he active racing career to a close and devoted his time to his family and working with the Polka Dots helping, to promote and organize events.

He joined the Fort Sutter Chapter, AMCA and, probably with a lot of encouragement from (AMCA member) Jerry Cordy who had become very involved in motorcycle restoration, began to restore a 1915 Indian with side car which he rode on pre-16 runs and even took a first place trophy at the Autorama.

He and his wife Kay bought a 5th wheel travel trailer and, with Jerry Cordy and his wife, took four of trips across the country being sure to stop at every motorcycle museum along the way.

As the attendance at his services would attest, Red had many friends both in and out of the motorcycle community. He was always ready to offer a helping hand to anyone who needed it while Kay volunteered at a local hospital. If a friend (especially a Polka Dot) was ill or on the mend you could count on Red to be on the phone passing the word
Like two proud parents. Red and his wife_ Kay with the freshly restored 1915 Indian.
. He was so active in his church that, at his services, he was posthumously presented an award from the National Office of the Knights of Columbus for his humanitarian efforts.

He was an accomplished racer but above all he was a husband and father; a man of utmost integrity and generosity and he was our friend. Who among us is not better for having known him? - Tom Green  


NationalNewsNational News (Continued) 

The Inn at Reading is offering AMCA Members a special price of $94/night during the Perkiomen Swap Meet at Oley.
Call: (800) 383-9713
Mention Antique Motorcycle Club discount when calling.
Visit for links to each event and Event Details.

RidesMember's Rides (Continued) 
He acquired it when he was 18 from his friend's dad, and after a few years of work, it became the bike you see here. Matt's Ironhead has some cool little touches on it like the shift knob, which was once a napkin ring. Check out that brake pedal, made from a skateboard wheel! Matt's little CH is a rigid ripper, and while it may not have been built with the judging field in mind, its young rider puts lots of mileage on this old machine. The bike gets ridden a lot!   

Matt's got a few other old bikes, too. He's also got a 1981 Yamaha XS650, and has just acquired a 1979 Shovelhead engine and a Panhead frame. (He's got a modern bike, too.) He's an accomplished welder and mechanic, the perfect sort of fellow to have the AMCA's torch passed on to him. He can often be found lending a helping hand at RMC, and the times he takes a break you can usually find him at the club's bar, sharing a beer with an older member and taking in a little oral history.
Keep an eye out for Matt at AMCA events - and other young members who may need parts, advice, or just some friends to hear stories from. Say hello! There's a common theme that binds all AMCA members, regardless of age or appearance, and some help from an experienced member may be exactly what a rookie needs.

This section is normally for Member's motorcycles. If you would like to contribute to the "Member's Ride" section, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer.