AMCC February E-news
North Pacific Fishery Management Council Update
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council met in Portland from February 4-9 and discussed a broad range of issues. The Council was unable to complete the three agenda items scheduled for final action due to the government shutdown which prevented timely notice in the Federal Register.

In order to open the Norton Sound Red King Crab fishery , the Council made a preliminary determination for an Available Biological Catch (ABC) of .19 million pounds and has scheduled a teleconference to take final action on March 8th. For more information, see the Council newsletter . Fixed Gear Rockfish retention and IFQ medical leasing and beneficiary designation have been rescheduled for final action in April with preliminary determination recommendations from the Council.

The Halibut Abundance-Based Management Halibut (ABM) committee met on February 4th and various stakeholder groups representing fixed gear, directed halibut harvesters and trawlers met to provide input for Council consideration. As a result of the discussion, the Council revised alternatives for the analysis and expanded the range of alternatives, options and elements to analyze for Halibut ABM PSC limits. The initial review analysis is scheduled to come back in October. For more information and to view the Council motion click here .

The Fisheries Monitoring Advisory Committee, formally the Observer Advisory Committee, is seeking to fill a vacancy for a pot cod representative as long-time member Jerry Bongen from Kodiak has stepped down. Jerry has spent years on the committee bringing a wealth of information to the process as an experienced fisherman dedicated to the long-term health of the fishery resource. In addition to the a pot cod representative there is a vacancy for an observer representative, interested individuals may submit a letter of interest to Council staff member Elizabeth Figus ( by March 29th. Please find more information here .
Young Fishermen's Development Act
A bipartisan House and Senate coalition has introduced the  Young Fishermen's Development Act  (H.R.1240, S.496) ,  legislation that would establish the first national program to support young men and women entering the commercial fishing industry. The strong show of bipartisan support early in the 116th Congress indicates positive momentum for the Fishing Communities Coalition’s (FCC) initiative. AMCC has taken several trips with Alaska young fishermen to advocate for this legislation in D.C. and is enthusiastic about its progress. Special thanks to the Alaska delegation for their support of rising fishermen. Read more here .
ComFish 2019 Is Right Around The Corner!
ComFish 2019 will take place March 28-30 th this year in Kodiak. To kick off the event, AMCC, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), and the Alaska Jig Association will co-host Fish Taco Night at the Brewery on Wednesday, March 27 th from 4-6 pm. Local jig fishermen will once again donate the rockfish which will be prepared in authentic fashion by the ALMA, the Association of Latin Women in Alaska.

AMCC and Alaska Seagrant are also bringing back Sea Stories Above the Harbor Friday, March 28th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. at the Best Western. Come enjoy fresh chowder from Monk’s Rock along with a lineup of stories about fishermen and the mentors who trained them.

ComFish is Alaska's Premier Commercial Fisheries Trade Show. In its 40th year, the show brings together gear vendors, government agencies, and nonprofits involved in every aspect of commercial fishing. Forums on relevant topics are organized every year for the purpose of sharing ideas and fishing information with the public.
Spring Into Kodiak Jig Rockfish and
Prince William Sound Spot Prawns with Catch 49!
Our mouthwatering Kodiak tanner crab has found its way to most AMCC tables by now, and we couldn't be happier with this year's catch. Big thanks to Charlie and Theresa Peterson of the F/V Patricia Sue for harvesting all of our big, beautiful, and impeccably cared-for crab this year! 

Spring is right around the corner, and we're looking forward to a delicious one! We're excited to once again offer AMCC's flagship species, Kodiak Jig Rockfish. In 2012, AMCC helped create a set-aside for entry-level, hand-caught rockfish in Kodiak, securing access for small boat fishermen and helping to diversify the small boat fishing opportunities in Kodiak. AMCC members and customers helped create a market for these beauties, and this spring we're proud to offer Kodiak Jig Rockfish caught by our board member Darius Kasprzak (pictured) on the F/V Marona.

Also on the menu for spring are Prince William Sound spot prawns, harvested by Alaskan Standard Seafoods. Stay tuned for more news on both - the ordering period will open in late March/early April and both of these delicacies are sure to go fast. Visit to stay up to date on offerings, fishermen, and more!
Fireworks & Fish, Fur Rondy Was A Fabulous Time!
AMCC’s world headquarters proved an excellent location to celebrate the start of Fur Rondy while watching the celebration's fireworks kick-off on Saturday, February 23rd.

A good crowd, many brand new to AMCC, enjoyed smoked salmon and halibut chowder care of Catch 49 as well as hot cider and beer donated by Broken Tooth Brewery as a trio of musicians set the atmosphere with excellent swing music.

AMCC would like to thank the volunteers, staff and board members who made this event a great success. Our thanks go out to Vicki Clark, Holly Kent, Rion Schmidt, Laurie Evans-Dinneen who volunteered at the event as well as Broken Tooth Brewery for the excellent beer and Alaska Seafood for the informational cook books, recipes and other giveaways at this event.

We look forward to seeing you for the fireworks at AMCC next year!
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