AMD Update   March 2016
   A program of the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Same Mission - New Location  

Macular Degeneration Partnership has moved its office from Los Angeles to the University of California Irvine, thirty miles to the south.  The Partnership has been given space at the beautiful Gavin Herbert Eye Institute.  Not only are there eye doctors, including retina specialists, in the building, there are vision researchers and other health professionals nearby.

Macular Degeneration Partnership shares helpful, up-to-date information with our friends through our newsletter and website.  We will be a stronger organization because of this move, and we hope you'll find that we can do more for you.

Does your primary care physician talk to you about your vision?

Your eye doctor is not the only one concerned with your vision.

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Vision Rehabilitation
How AMD impacts you depends on a number of things, including your home situation.  Vision Rehabilitation therapy may help you manage daily activities

Where Patients Make A Difference
Each month we will highlight a clinical trial that is increasing our understanding of age-related macular degeneration.  This month, scientists at Duke University are using information about glare, contrast sensitivity and low light intolerance to measures to test the success of new AMD therapies.   
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Websites We Love
There are many great resources available on the Internet.  We'll try to share some of the sites we find that offer useful information concerning living with AMD.   Here are two:
This site is dedicated to mental health and well-being.  Active seniors Robert and Jeanne Segal have filled this site with advice on how to reduce stress and develop a positive attitude using professional resources  (Jeanne is a psychologist).  Dealing with anxiety and worry are commonplace if you are living with AMD.  Check out their "Aging Well" section.
Anyone who knows the macular degeneration community has come across Dan Roberts.  He is an important patient advocate and author.  His website is filled with information you will value.  Spend some time at the audio-visual library.  We guarantee you'll learn something! 
The  views expressed on these websites are their own and do not reflect the position of the Macular Degeneration Partnership or UCI.  Remember, there is no website opinion that should substitute for the advice given by your personal eyecare provider.       

Our Pledge . . .
The Macular Degeneration Partnership seeks to provide comprehensive and easily understood information for everyone who needs it.  Visit our website for more information, or call us at 888-430-9898 if you have a question. 
Good health to you,
Mary Prudden
Executive Program Director
Macular Degeneration Partnership