AME News Update | COVID-19
Kendra Johnston, AME President & CEO provides an update of what we at AME are doing to help support the minex community during this time. Keep updated through our COVID-19 Information page .
AME Recommendations to Governments during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in exploration projects being postponed due to a combination of health concerns and lack of financing. AME is working with the federal and provincial governments to stimulate the recovery and growth of our industry. Read more.
BCSC offers temporary reporting exemption to B.C. businesses
The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is granting regulated businesses operating in B.C. temporary exemptions from certain reporting requirements. Read more .
Call to Action - Essential Supplies Needed
Governments and communities across BC need the minex community to help combat COVID-19 . Essential supplies are needed to operate temporary facilities for testing, triage, housing etc for vulnerable populations. Read more .
Guidance provided to Industrial camps during COVID-19
For those employed and living onsite in industrial camps in the field and on the ground, here is guidance and information for preventing and planning for CO VID-1 9 . Further information for small camps to follow. Read more .
More updates including the order of the Chief Gold Commissioner can be found at
AME Funding at Work
Every year, AME provides funding to support regional public outreach to promote mineral exploration across the province. Read about what our exploration groups have been up to this quarter.

Correction to Ed Kimura Obituary
We would like to highlight and apologise for the error in our previous email for the obituary link for Ed Kimura . Please see the correct obituary.
Keep safe and well.
Association for Mineral Exploration