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Jacksonville, FL - Over 1,000 auction vehicles are expected to cross the block during the Monterey car week. The daunting task to choose the greatest rides is both art and science.
Each year, our colleague Eric Killorin at Olympian Cars, gathers up eight market insiders to pick three of their all-time favorite steeds. The criteria: Name three gotta-have cars that just blow you away regardless of value. We think the 24 choices speak directly to the hearts and souls of the panelists and the market at large. For the second year running, our founder and Chairman Bill Warner offers up his own savvy picks and some may surprise you!

Joining Bill in this motley crew are Nick Candee, Jakob Greisen, David Gooding, Gordon Duff, Gordon McCall, Glenn Mounger and Eric himself. 

Let’s take a peak under the hood and check out a few random rides among the Top 24. The full article containing all 24 vehicles may be found here:

Photo Courtesy of Gooding
1958 Ferrari 250GT S1 Cab (Gooding) - "Arguably the most beautiful Ferrari of all time. Nearly each one was different, i.e. bumpers, bumperettes, open headlights, closed headlights, side vents, no side vents, etc., etc. All were owned by the wealthy, powerful and talented (trombonist Jack Teagarden had one as did Grand Prix driver, Peter Collins, Count Volpi, Count Portanova, and Mohamed Al Faisal). Most collectors prefer the California Spyder, but the Series 1 is rarer, prettier, and was better constructed. In 1963, my boss bought one for $9,000—guess I should have made an offer, because this car should sell for $6M to $7M! Maybe more. If a Cal Spyder is worth $10-15M dollars, then the rarer Series 1 should be at least that. It just seems unappreciated.” Auction estimate $7,000,000 – 8,000,000 – Bill Warner Founder and Chairman, The Amelia Island Concours

Photo Courtesy of Bonhams
1935 Riley MPH (Bonhams) - " In a world full of well organized rallys and tours, why bring sand to the beach with your "one of many" household named marques, when a hens' tooth Riley MPH could be yours? With an OHV inline 6, triple carbs, exceptional styling rivaling its era counterparts, along with less than two dozen works cars built, this Riley MPH will appeal to those with a unique sense of style and adventure. Auction Estimate: $650,000 – 750,000   - Gordon McCall, Founder & CEO McCall Motorworks Revival

Photo Courtesy of RM Sotheby's
1955 Lancia B24S Spider America (RM Sotheby's) “The Spider America has such grace and elegance. It’s a perfectly balanced car both visually with the Pininfarina design and revolutionary V6 engine. This example is topped with a rare Nardi intake giving the car a bit more power, but really it’s the magnificent stance and subtlety, particularly in these colors, that captures my imagination. Auction estimate: $1,250,000 - 1,500,000 – Glenn Mounger, Chief Honorary Judge, The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

These and a cool 21 additional insider selections can be viewed at the Olympian Cars website here:

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