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Restoring Coastal Wetlands One Gallon at a Time

Baton Rouge, LA   -  Known for raising awareness of the debilitating impact coastal land loss is 
having  on Louisiana, America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) today released a series of fifteen second  interstitials , calling for motorists to help turn back the tide of coastal erosion. The short videos soon to appear at the gas pump build on successful messaging that features the loss of 
a football field  of wetlands each hour. AWF says the new campaign, appearing initially at gas pumps in Terrebonne  and Lafourche parishes, can effectively spread the word that everyone 
needs to be a part of the coastal restoration effort.
"This new partnership with Gas Pump TV (GPTV) is a non-stop opportunity to link motorists to 
an  issue that surrounds them in South Louisiana," Val Marmillion, AWF managing director, said. "Our  working wetlands have hosted energy activities for decades and the relationship of a strong 
environment to the future of the region's energy economy is important to establish."
GPTV is the nation's leader in interactive fuel media and the second largest fuel media network 
by viewership. GPTV reaches fueling consumers daily with a mixture of national, localized and paid-for content. The New Orleans-based company, founded in 2010 with a four-location pilot, reaches more viewers ages 18 to 49 than any broadcast television network. GPTV provides the largest mix of value  and capabilities to retailers, consumer packaged goods brands, advertisers, and consumers of any  fuel media network.
"As with all our social investments, our main goal is to support long-term projects and pursue initiatives  for sustainable development, helping our community and the environment. We believe 
in America's WETLAND Foundation's aim to reclaim lost wetlands and are happy to collaborate 
in furthering their mission." - Werlien Prosperie III, CEO of Gas Pump TV.
In the short videos that appear on the pumps, scenes of losing a football field of land to coastal erosion and the values provided by a healthy ecosystem, are presented with colorful graphics content. Drivers  are encouraged to support the work of coastal restoration and to keep wetland sustainability a top  priority in Louisiana.
"We have been fortunate to take advantage of our corporate sponsorships over time. Tabasco 
has  carried messages to millions of product users from around the globe. Community Coffee keeps  working to demonstrate the importance of healthy wetlands to their customer base. The 
New Orleans Saints and Hornets have often dedicated messages at their games to raise awareness. And, AWF is working with the energy sector to sponsor coastal restoration projects 
f or biodiversity and support of community coastal protection initiatives," Sidney Coffee, AWF 
senior advisor, said.
The new program is expected to begin an immediate run, with emphasis placed on the football field  of land metaphor for the fall gridiron season. 
You can see the PSAs by following the links below:

The America's WETLAND Foundation manages the largest, most comprehensive public education campaign in Louisiana's history, raising public awareness of the impact of Louisiana's wetland loss on the state, nation and world. The initiative is supported by a growing coalition of world, national and state conservation and environmental organizations and has drawn private support from businesses that see wetlands protection as a key to economic growth. For more information, visit  www.americaswetland.com.