Modesto Graffiti Museum news...
The Graffiti USA Museum just completed the purchase of a building to showcase classic cars and take you back to 1962! Once open, you will walk into an old school version of Modesto's 10th Street where the museum will tell more of the story that George Lucas shared in ‘American Graffiti’. Click HERE to watch the spot on Good Day Sacramento..
Modesto's Car Culture is truly an original unlike any other destination! George Lucas actually wrote his cult classic 'American Graffiti' about his high school experiences growing up in Modesto.
Social Distancing
The health and safety of every guest, every visitor and every worker in Modesto is the #1 priority. At Visit Modesto we support the local, state and federal directives designed to offset the health risk to our community, our workers and visitors.
When learning about the AMERICAN GRAFFITI MUSEUM check out the local hotels for your next stay, like The Modesto Days Inn pictured here. You'll find comfortable accommodations, easy access and rates you can afford.