February 2020
Welcome to the first Auditor Update of 2020! We hope you find the following information useful as you prepare to conduct your audits this year.

We are providing an important announcement about a new COR equivalency option for employers certified through other programs, timely information about upcoming deadlines, reminders about AMHSA guidelines for completing the Excel tool (as a result of trends we’ve seen in recent audits and our 2019 QA audit conducted by Partnerships), technical tips, and more!
COR Equivalency News
In October 2019, a new COR Standard was passed which recognizes the following standards as equivalent to COR:
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • CSA Z45001:19
  • CSA Z1000:14
To be considered for COR equivalency, the ISO or CSA certification must be issued from a designated certification body, and the COR will be issued to match the scope of the employer’s operations that were included in their ISO or CSA audit. These certifications can be used for COR Certification and COR Maintenance audits.

If you hold one of these certifications or are working towards one and require more information about attaining equivalency, please contact Shannon Thomas.  
FAQ: Who is Considered "Senior Manager" for Interview Sampling?
In every audit, we need to include a “senior manager” – the most senior person in the scope of the audit (i.e., CAO or City Manager). There are several factors to consider when determining if anyone else will be a “senior manager” when you’re working on your interview sample:
  • the person oversees managers
  • the person makes municipality-wide health and safety decisions with the CAO (consider whether they just have input into decision-making or an actual “vote”)
For example, if a leader makes decisions in her own area (e.g. planning or recreation or public works, etc.) but doesn’t have a part in the final decision-making process for municipality-wide health and safety issues, they would be considered a “manager,” not a “senior manager.”
AMHSA recommends discussing who is being included in interview sampling at the senior manager level in the pre-audit meeting, to avoid any confusion on the part of the employer. Do not share who specifically will be interviewed, but which positions are being classified as senior manager. 

Excel Audit Tool Technical Tips
Introductory Comments:  
please use this optional box (located at the top of the Audit Tool worksheet) to provide an employer profile/brief description of the type of operations. This information will be automatically transferred to the Executive Summary. For example:
Note that in the next version of the Excel audit tool, this box will be renamed Employer Profile / Type of Operations and will be required.
  • Sharepoint: At this time, DO NOT use Sharepoint to share your audit tool with your team members – we’ve encountered a glitch where the file becomes corrupt and extremely difficult to edit when this is done. We have noted this issue and will work on finding a solution.

  • Final Report for Employer: When you’ve passed QA review and your analyst has informed you that you can submit the final report to the employer, make sure you review the Executive Summary and Audit Report worksheets before you create the PDFs to email. You should ensure that the cells that were automatically populated are large enough to hold what you wrote in the Audit Tool worksheet. For example, the SFI for 4.09 doesn’t completely fit, so row 3 needs to be expanded before converting the worksheet to PDF (refer to the Excel Tips and Tricks section of the Audit Refresher materials for instructions on expanding rows):
Sampling Reminders
  • Interviews: Ensure the “Representative Sampling” section of the Int.Sampling worksheet is completed to demonstrate that you’ve included interviewees from various shifts, types of employees, and experience levels. Also remember to ensure that the numbers of “planned interviews” match the total completed. It is mandatory to complete this section of the worksheet.

  • Sites: On the Site Sampling worksheet, ensure you complete the “Last Audited Year” column. Also, for employers with 3-30 sites, ensure that within the 3-year COR cycle, all of the permanent manned sites have been included. Note that site sampling calculations must always be rounded UP to the nearest whole number (e.g. 28 sites, 1/3 is 9.3 so 10 is minimum). 

2020 Audit Planning
Action Plans in Lieu of Maintenance Audits: If utilizing this option for COR Maintenance, keep the following deadlines in mind:
  • March 31, 2020 – submission of draft action plan as application
  • November 30, 2020 – submission deadline for deliverables
All action plan correspondence can be submitted by email to either audits@amhsa.net or shannon@amhsa.net .
COR Certification Audits:  If participating in the external peer audit process, submit a request by email, including:
  • Name of municipality and when you want the audit conducted (month/range)
  • Scope of audit – number of employees and permanent manned sites at the time of the audit
  • Names of auditors available to conduct an external audit at another municipality

Staff Announcement!
We are pleased to announce that Jessica Meyer, B.Mgt, CRSP has joined the AMHSA team as Safety Advisor.

Jessica is a safety professional with experience in provincial health and safety program development/management, HSMS implementation, COR auditing, and training. Jessica has worked for the Partnerships in Injury Reduction team at the Government of Alberta, and for another Certifying Partner in the COR program. In January she started teaching our HSMS, Auditing, and Audit Refresher courses, bringing her experience and expertise to the municipal sector.

Welcome, Jessica!
We will continue offering audit-related webinars in 2020, with the first being announced later this winter.
Please let us know if you have topics you’d like to see covered in future webinars! Would you like more guidance on a specific validation method (e.g. conducting interviews) or AMHSA’s expectations for justification notes, writing actionable suggestions for improvement, or running a close-out meeting?

Training Schedule - March
Audit Refresher:

  • March 19 – Sherwood Park
  • March 25 - Calgary
Both classes are already approximately half full. Call Carla at 1.800.267.9764 or email carla@amhsa.net to register.
Call Shannon at 587.745. 0458 if you have any questions about your auditor certification.