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Auditing Tips & Reminders
When using the Excel audit tool with multiple auditors, you can utilize Microsoft Teams to share the file. Multiple people can be working on the document at the same time, and Teams will ensure that all changes are saved.
Several auditors have asked about conducting meetings remotely. Pre- and post-audit meetings can be conducted by telephone or virtually though Zoom, etc., during 2020. Documentation can be shared electronically, mailed to auditors on a USB drive, or copies of documents can be delivered.

Remember that you must fill out the Employer Profile/Type of Operations field at the top of the Audit Tool worksheet. This was previously an optional Introduction field but has been changed this year to a mandatory field, as AMHSA is required to ensure all audits include this information.
Important Deadlines
  • 2020 COR Audits: submitted by December 1, 2020

  • Data gathering: maximum 45 days
  • Submission: maximum 21 days after last data gathering date (or December 1st, whichever is sooner)

  • 2020 Action Plan Deliverables: November 30, 2020

Audits can be submitted to or
Upcoming Training
  • Audit Refresher: January 14

  • Health and Safety Management Systems: January 19-20

  • Health and Safety Auditing: January 26-27

  • Advanced Audit Tool Training: January 28

Contact if you have questions about your certification status.

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