March 31, 2017
Municipal Safety News
"Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better,
especially when it comes to saving 
life or some pain." – William Blake
Message from the Executive Director
April 28, 2017, is the official Day of Mourning. Canadians across the country will honour those who lost their lives, were injured, or disabled while on the job. Let's take the time to pay homage to those who have fallen, and remember their lives as a call to action to educate others about health and safety rights, responsibilities, and prevention measures, throughout the entire year.

As spring and summer arrive, most municipalities are in the process of hiring seasonal, summer, and temporary employees.  Many of those hired will be young and/or new to the workforce, and may be at risk for workplace accidents and incidents. Workers between the ages of 15 and 25 are more likely to be injured on the job. Now is the right time to empower them with effective OHS training and education. 

It’s imperative that we provide these new workers with the appropriate safety training and orientation so they can have safe, productive, and positive work experiences.

At AMHSA, we offer a variety of courses that are well-suited for new and seasoned workers alike. Courses such as Dog Bite Prevention, Bear Awareness, Pool Safety, Defensive Driving, and WHIMIS 2015 could be the training that keep new workers healthy and safe. I encourage you to visit

If you have any questions about AMHSA courses or would like to provide feedback, I invite you to contact our Corporate Office.

Jim Moroney IHT, BSC, CRSP, CSP
Executive Director
Marijuana in the Workplace: Tips for Seeing Through the Smoke

By: Robyn Irwin
AMHSA Special Projects Administrative Assistant

(Calgary, AB) The legalisation of recreational marijuana in Canada is projected for 2018. Naturally, employers across the nation are concerned how this will affect marijuana usage in the workplace, especially as it pertains to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Human Resources (HR).

Unfortunately, at this time, available information is hazy with very few clear answers regarding usage of marijuana in the workplace. Continue reading for full article and tips ... 

AMHSA Receives Grants to Fund Three New OHS Projects
On March 23, 2017, Alberta Labour announced that they are awarding $667,000, in grants through the OHS Innovation and Engagement Grants Program.

We are happy to announce that AMHSA is a recipient!

We would like to thank Alberta Labour and the OHS Innovation and Engagement Grants program. Read more at AMHSA

Get Seasonal & Summer Workers Ready With the OHS Training and Courses
Several courses are now available. 

*Prices do not include GST.
For online courses: for best results, please use Internet Explorer 8
(or newer), or Firefox as your browser and ensure that you have the current version of java installed.

This course is for front-line employees and those who are often in field environments. Explore a variety of hazard controls and different behavioural techniques to reduce your risk of being attacked.
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Municipal Moments

City of St. Albert First Responders Will be Safer Because of New Digital Radios

Published by St. Albert Gazette S
aturday, Mar 25, 2017
By: Jennifer Henderson

(Excerpt) ... Fire services, municipal enforcement, ambulances, utilities, transit and public works will now be transitioned onto the same radio system, known as the Alberta First Responder Radio Communications System (AFRRCS). Fire chief Ray Richards says the system will make first responders safer when they respond to emergencies.

“It will make the emergency response smooth and dependable,” Richards said. “It’s going to make it a lot less complicated and much quicker.” Read more ...

Audit Dispatch
On March 15, 2017, the latest edition of AMHSA's Auditor Update was released.

2017 PIR Status Letters  
The annual letters to Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) of municipalities participating in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program were distributed in early March. These letters contain PIR program requirements and the COR status (2017 audit cycle, audit type, etc.). We ask that each CAO share the letter with their Safety Coordinator. If you do not receive a copy, please contact Shannon Thomas .

2017 External Audits

AMHSA offers both a peer audit process and the use of consultant auditors for external (COR Certification) audits. A list of AMHSA-certified consultant auditors is available on the website . If you wish to participate in the external peer audit process, please submit your request by email to by  June 1, 2017.

For more detailed information, please check out the March edition of our Auditor Update.

Want to know more about COR requirements?

If you would like more information about AMHSA’s COR program and the requirements, please contact COR and Team Leader, Shannon Thomas at 1.800.267.9764. You can also visit our website.

OHS Report
National Day of Mourning Honours Those Who Lost Their Lives

On April 28, 2017, Canadians across the country will come together to honour all workers who lost their lives, or were injured, or disabled on the job.

Statistics demonstrate that more needs to be done
According to the WCB Alberta, 144 women and men in Alberta lost their lives to workplace injury or illness in 2016. Furthermore, young people between the ages of 15
and 25 are most at risk.

The National Day of Mourning is a day to remember those who have lost their lives or been injured, but let it also be an opportunity for all of us to commit to better health and safety, training, and practices in all work environments, and for all workers.

Attend an Event
There are memorial events taking place in municipalities across Alberta. Please click on the Day of Mourning image above or scroll down to the Upcoming Events section, below for information.
WCB Policy Updates & Changes

On March 3, 2017, the following changes were made to the Policies and Information Manual:

  • Policy 01-04, Part II, Application 2 – Investment Beliefs
    A typo was corrected in the “Previous versions” list at the bottom of the application. The link itself was correct, but the previous version dated January 2016 said “Policy 0402 Part II” instead of “Policy 0104, Part II.”

  • Policy 04-02, Part II, Addendum A – Allowance Rates
    As a result of the annual review, effective March 1, 2017, a number of changes have been made to the Allowance Rates:

    • The Travel Allowance has been increased to 51 cents per kilometre.
    • The Accommodation Allowance has been revised to reflect that annual market reviews determine the average cost of accommodation in Alberta. As WCB authorizes a higher amount when required and averages vary across the province, providing a provincial average rate was not necessary.
    • Amounts for breakfast and lunch have each increased by $1 to $11 and $14, respectively. The daily total has been increased by $2 to $49 to reflect
      these increases.

Please visit for the complete list of changed documents.

Upcoming Events
Day of Mourning - Friday, April 28, 2017

Are you hosting a public Day of Mourning event? Please contact us and we'll share it on our web and on social media pages.

2017 Calendar

  • April 5-7: LGAA Conference, Red Deer (website)
  • April 23-26: AARFP AGM, Workshop, & Trade Show, Edmonton (website)
  • April 28: Day of Mourning (website)
  • May 7-13: NAOSH Week (website)
  • May 10: AMHSA Annual General Meeting, Leduc (website)
  • September 17-20: CSSE Conference, Halifax (website)
  • October 19-21: 41st Annual AUPE Convention, Edmonton (website)
  • December 2017: RUSA Conference & Trade Show, Red Deer (website
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Get the training you need, on your own time. Online training is available and accessible anywhere, anytime, and to all members and non-members. 

*Prices do not include GST. For online courses: for best results, please use Internet Explorer 8 (or newer), or Firefox as your browser and ensure that you have the current version of java installed.

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