Issue: 4th Quarter 2019
Celebrating 30 Years!

Los Angeles, CA- This year's IFSA included a celebratory champagne toast. AMI's founder, Thierry Leduc sabered a magnum to celebrate the company's 30 year anniversary. 

New Products from  
AMI Inflight's Portfolio

Sir Kensingtons's 
Everything Sauces
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Sir Kensington's Everything Sauces are globally inspired and anchored in premium natural ingredients with compelling sourcing stories. Sir Kensington's is partnering with diverse culinary communities and artists throughout New York City to bring these products to life.

GoOats are satisfying little bites of delicious steel-cut oats, milk and a touch of sweetness.

AMI Team 
Goes to Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ- AMI met this year in November. The entire team took a few days to celebrate, collaborate and contemplate the future of the company. Retreats such as these allow for cohesion within the team and ultimately results in benefits to customers. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and welcome those who have joined the company over the past year. 

Sales Contacts

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In This Issue

Most Memorable 
 Food Moments
Matt Chambers
Each issue, AMI's team will be sharing some of their best food moments with our readers.
With the holidays upon us, it's only fitting to theme my food moment around this special time of year. Growing up in a large Italian family, there was no shortage of good food during the holidays (or any other time!). My grandmother, mother and I would cook for days prior to Christmas Eve preparing for the family to join us for some quality time together. This is where I learned to cook at a very young age. My mothers' side of the family is very Italian, so our Christmas dishes always revolved around Italian foods and memories from the 'old country.' Dishes like hand rolled meatballs cooked in my grandmothers' special sauce - with a pork chop to make it savory, 
┬┤Pita Piata┬┤ an Italian fruitcake, ' baccala'
dried salted cod filets were all on table for the family to enjoy. Growing up in West Virginia, we didn't always keep up with the cutting-edge trends of the culinary world. We relied on old world traditions that were passed down from my great grandparents and grandparents that immigrated from Italy in the early 20 th  century. 
My days in the kitchen with my grandmother have since past, but the memories live on every year with my mother and I continuing these cherished traditions. As I write these memories sitting in the airport on my way home for the holidays, I can already smell the two-day spaghetti sauce, ' frittas' 
fried yeasty bread, and hear the laughter of the family - memories of home. 
Happy Holidays!