Issue: 1st Quarter 2016
March 2016
New Products from
AMI Inflight's Portfolio 

Scandia Seafood ensures that customers are getting the highest quality of fresh and frozen seafood that is available, their staff works constantly to guarantee customers are satisfied.
Scandia Seafood understands the developing nature of the food industry and believe that the customer is evolving, and demanding a higher level of quality and trace-ability from the foods they consume. 

Flatbreads and Sticks
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Baked in Brooklyn snacks are big on flavor and wholesome with no trans fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.  The state-of-the-art bakery runs 365 days a year, making the Baked in Brooklyn snacks as well as fresh pita, baguettes, boules and more.  
All products are O.U. Parve Kosher. The bakery is independently audited for Sanitation and Food Safety by SILLIKER. This voluntary program assures that your breads come from one of the finest facilities in the world.

Health Warrior
Chia Bars    
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The 100-calorie Health Warrior Chia Bar is the only bar with chia as the #1 ingredient-the very first one you read on the label. Packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber, and a fraction of the sugar of many bars.
Available in several flavors including Acai Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Lovers, Coconut and Tropical.
Health Warrior's line also includes chia seeds and protein bars. 

New 2.oz Breakfast Cookie
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The newest addition to the Dancing Deer cookie line-up is their individually-wrapped Breakfast Cookie. They are perfect for on the go breakfast or a mid-morning snack. These cookies remain fresh and tasty for 1 month and are sold in a case of 12. Flavors include lemon ginger blueberry and apricot almond.   
Dancing Deer  products are known for a truly superior taste, artful but simple packaging and pure, high quality ingredients. They blend traditional artisan baking with innovative flavor combinations and  package their products with a professional, yet whimsical tone.  

In This Issue

Food and Wine Pairing
Beef Short-Rib Panini Sandwich 
Chef Frank Peterson 
Buddy's Kitchen, Inc.


1ea.           Panini Focaccia Roll
2.00 oz.     Cooked Beef Short-Rib
                   Cuisine Solutions 
1.00 oz.      Gruyere Cheese
.50 oz         Parmesan Peppecorn
                    Ranch Dressing 
.25 oz         Caramelized Onions

Parmesan Peppercorn Onion Sauce:

2.00 oz       Parmesan Peppersorn
                     Ranch Dressing
1.00 oz        Onion Jam
.15oz            Beef Base 

Wine Pairing from
AMI Portfolio 

La Cendrillon In édite 
In édite has a beautiful garnet colour. The nose is complex with fruity aroma of white peach, blackcurrant cream liqueur enhanced by hints of truffle and vanilla. The mouth is full, fresh and juicy with elegant, smooth and silky tannins that pairs well with short-ribs. The finale is long with spicy and toasted coffee.  

AMI Welcomes New Employee 

Beth Moore, Sales Support Specialist  
AMI is pleased to welcome Beth Moore in our Atlanta office.  
Beth has an extensive accounting background working primarily in the retail sector - ranging from shoes, bookstores, pens and restaurants. 
 She has 2 dogs and 1 cat.  Beth loves to travel - she has been to 35 countries and counting!   She is active with volunteer work, loves music, gardening (flowers) and is an avid reader.

Sales Contacts

Denise Poole 

Dan Day 

Janine Bennett 

Andrea Pratt 

Carlos Smith  

Jason Henry 

 Lori Bezada   

Marcel Kahlow  

Megan Ireland

 George Horvat   

Vicki Tomiser


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