Issue: 2nd Quarter 2016
June 2016
 Andrea Pratt Serves on Fancy Food Panel 

L-R Andrea Pratt -AMI, Valerie Ferris - Connoisseur Specialty Foods , Daniel Dowe -Artisinal Cheese, Kevin Wray -Sysco, and Thomas Macrina -American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Andrea was asked to participate in a foodservice panel hosted by and for members of the Specialty Food Association during the recent Fancy Food Show in New York.  Members of the Specialty Food Association are very experienced at selling into retailers but often not equally adept within the foodservice sector.  The goal of the panel was to help the members begin to understand the myriad of channels that exist such as restaurant/hospitality, corporate executive dining, travel/transportation, caterers etc.

 Moderated by Daniel Dowe of Artisanal Cheese, the questions to the panel provided a high level overview, encouraging members to consider what products they have that could meet a need and focused on how to introduce themselves to a new, exciting market.

New Products from AMI Inflight's Portfolio  

Fine Handcrafted Foods     
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Paulsen Foods LLC offers a variety of creative  Handcrafted Hors d'oeuvres such as their mini Philadelphia Cheesesteak. These mini versions of the famous Philly are 2" long.

Paulsen has a flexible production plant which allows them to adapt quickly.  Chef Owner Russell Paulsen is very experienced in the foodservice industry and offers an array of products to include a full line of specialty desserts and entrees in addition to appetizers.  With Paulsen, we can create products specific to your needs whether it is our development or adapting recipes provided.  Paulsen sources the finest ingredients in order to gain high quality results. 

Tart Shells and Desserts 
Shells by Design®, LLC is a leading provider of innovative tart shell designs and desserts. Over the span of 10 years, Shells by Design, LLC  has pushed the envelope to create new ways in vertical tart shell production for which it holds multiple patents, nationally and internationally. They produce in a modern, SQF level 3 certified, Kosher, state of the art bakery, ready to fulfill any demands of national and international clients.   

Cut like a fry, crunch like a chip   
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Whole Cuts is the tasty snack made from delicious, whole, US-grown Russet potatoes. We cut them like a fry, yet they crunch like a chip for an amazingly unique combination. Available in 1.35oz size.

Vegan and Nut Free Products    
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Great tasting, individually wrapped cookies that happen to be nut free and vegan. 
Divvies are made in small batches in a dedicated peanut, tree nut, egg and dairy free bakery.  

AMI Opens New Sales Office 
Dallas, TX.       
L-R George Horvat, Lori Bezada, Dan Day, Jason Henry

Continuing the commitment and personal service to our customers , AMI is pleased to announce their new Sales Office in Dallas TX. This will serve as an extension to our primary sales office which remains in Atlanta. 
6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr. Suite 215 
Dallas, TX 75230 
In This Issue

Food and Wine Pairing   
Submitted by 
Chef Peter Kagi  
Account Executive, 
Gate Gourmet 

Swiss Wurst Kaese Salat 
(Swiss Sausage
& Cheese Salad)

- 6 cooked knockwurst sausages, 4 oz each
- 12 oz Gruyère cheese
- ½ small onion
- 6 cornichon pickles
- 4 Tbs chopped chives
- 4 Tbs white wine vinegar
- 6 Tbs safflower oil
- 2 Tbs Dijon mustard
- ¼ tsp kosher salt
- ½ tsp cracked black pepper
- 3 hardboiled eggs
- 6 cherry tomatoes
- 3 heads of baby lettuce like frisèe, red oak or arugula

To Prepare

1. In a bowl, combine the vinegar, oil, mustard, salt and pepper and stir to make a dressing.


2. Peel the skin off the sausages and cut lengthwise in half, then
slice across into ¼-inch-thick half-moons.


3. Cut cheese into ⅛-inch-thick and 1-inch long sticks.

Slice the onion and cornichons thinly.


4. Add the sausage, cheese, onion and cornichon to the dressing and toss together. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.


5. Cut the tomatoes in half and the eggs into quarters.


6. Wash and dry the baby lettuces and tear them into bite-size pieces.  

Toss the lettuces with the marinated sausage mix and plate immediately. Garnish with quartered hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomato halves.   


"A good cook follows a recipe; a great cook makes it their own"  

- Chef Peter Kagi 

Pairing from
AMI Wine Portfolio 

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Marcel Hugg Alsace- Reisling  

This wine is well balanced with a nice body. Lemon, grapefruit, and
green apple aromas, hints of minerality and white peach. A Riesling with a firm structure, an
attractive fruitiness and lively acidity.
Faithful to family tradition since 1760, Family Hugg has spread its
reputation for Fine Wines to the four corners of the earth. The company is
proudly devoted to the art of producing Fine Wines and takes pleasure in
passing on to wine and food lovers around the world the benefit of their
knowledge of Alsace wines.

2016 James Beard Awards 
Denise Poole and Dan Day

  AMI Inflight's CEO, Denise Poole and Executive VP Dan Day, attended the annual 2016 James Beard Awards in Chicago.

The James Beard Foundation is at the center of America's culinary community, dedicated to exploring the way food enriches lives.

Sales Contacts

Denise Poole 

Dan Day 

Janine Bennett 

Andrea Pratt 

Carlos Smith  

Jason Henry 

 Lori Bezada   

Marcel Kahlow  

Megan Ireland

George Horvat  

Vicki Tomiser

Jeremy Parsons 


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