Issue: 1st Quarter 2019
AMI Appoints Joe Waller CEO AMI Inflight and AMI Wines

AMI Group announces Joe Waller, new CEO of AMI Inflight Inc. and AMI Wines LLC. Joe will work alongside the current CEO, Denise Poole in Atlanta. During the remainder of 2019 they will work together to transition the leadership of both companies. The integration of Joe is a result of Denise's desire to take a step back.
Most recently Joe was CEO of Pacific Gateway Concessions where he led a team of 450 people throughout the United States as well as a team of executives at the company's headquarters in Northern California. Joe began his career as an attorney for National Car Rental before pursuing a career with airport concessions including positions at HMS Host and Westfield Airport Division. For AMI, the addition of Waller further diversifies the accumulated travel industry expertise within the group.
Joe's duties as he takes over will be to capitalize on and consolidate the growth AMI has experienced over the past few years. His task will be to maintain the high level of service that AMI's suppliers and customers have come to expect, first focusing on AMI Inflight and later AMI Wines. After the transition is complete, Denise will retain select sales leadership activities and continue to be a shareholder in AMI, where she will continue to be involved in the overall strategic planning of the group.

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L-R Jason Henry, Dan Day, Carlos Smith, Joe Waller, Dany Saydah Jeremy Parsons, Marcel Kahlow, Andrea Pratt, Denise Poole, Jeremy Waszczuk, Dawn O'Neil, George Horvat

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Dan Day
Each issue, AMI's team will be sharing some of their best food moments with our readers.
One of my favorite TV shows growing up was The Galloping Gourmet with Chef Graham Kerr.   One episode in 1969 he made Duck a L'Orange. It looked delicious so I decided I wanted to give it a shot. I wrote down the recipe along with a drawing of the duck.    I made this recipe for my mom and sister and many times over as an adult for my friends and eventually my wife & daughter.  Through the years, I kept the original recipe I had written down as a child.   Fast forward about 40 years, one night while out to dinner with some airline and caterer chefs, we all discussed what inspired us to get into the food business.   When my turn came around, I told this story.    Afterward, Chef (Cowboy) Bob Rosar mentioned he was good friends with Chef Graham and asked if I still had the original recipe and if so, could I send it to him. I looked through my old recipes and found the original, now a brittle piece of paper and sent it. A few weeks later I received a box in the mail from Chef Graham!   He had signed the original recipe "If I knew you were writing this down I would have galloped a little slower" and had it framed.    Along with this he sent me four of his cook books with special notes inside each one.
It's not often you get to share your childhood dreams with the person who inspired them!

Late July
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