Issue: 4th Quarter 2018
             Congratulations to  
Buddy's Kitchen -  
Supplier of the Year and
Best Inflight Food!
L-R Paul Platamone, Brad Weatherbee,
Gail Barnum, Joe Chiovera, Dave Smith 
Boston, MA- Buddy's was awarded Supplier of the Year for 2018. They were also awarded Best Inflight Food for their breakfast tacos featured on United Airlines.  To learn more about the Compass Awards, and for a list of all recipients for 2018, visit the IFSA website at   

New Products from  
AMI Inflight's Portfolio
Elma Farms
 Elma Farms Marinated Vegetable Snacks are vegan and gluten free. Artichokes, Asparagus and French Beans are come in 1.58oz resealable packs.   
Elma Farms Dipin Pretzel Chips 0.63 oz and Pita Chips 0.7oz
are perfect to pair with dips and spreads!  

Torie & Howard
Torie and Howard bring you a whole new way of looking at candy. Try their fresh-off-the-vine flavors using sophisticated, epicurean recipes made with organic, all-natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. Torie and Howard fruit chewies are gluten-free, Kosher and vegan. Now available in a 2 piece pack.

 JUST Cookie Dough    
Baking is optional with Just Cookie Dough! Customers can just dig in with a spoon for the perfect way to indulge in for sweet, decadent vegan cookie dough that's free of eggs, dairy, and anything artificial.  

SIAL- D&F Marketing wins Mercury Award for Warm Cookie Service!
L-R Carlos Smith and Klaus Englisch

Abu DhabiIn December, D&F Marketing in partnership with AMI, were awarded the Mercury Award Service Concept Category for their Warm Cookie Service onboard Delta Air Lines.
In This Issue

AMI's Most Memorable 
 Food Moments
Jason Henry
Each issue, AMI's team will be sharing some of their best food moments with our readers.
Running through my mind at another bustling, underwhelming chain airport hotel, on another food journey in the mid-west: "Was it the Choripan in Argentina? Or the Cornish past ry at the Borough Market in LHR in 2015? Or maybe that one night in Sao Paulo chasing hot, greasy, molten cheese-laden Mortadella sandwiches with cold Brahmas, fried bacalhau balls and possibly three too many Caipirinha's? No, it was the crispy pork knuckle sandwich in Dusseldorf with fresh, extra hot Lowensenf mustard in 2013!" My mind races, fully uncooperative in narrowing down the list of favorite food moments for this article. "Impossible," I thought. It felt like trying to pick a favorite child.
It always goes back to family. My experiences traveling the world with clients, Chefs and co-workers are absolutely a dream come true, however the best moments in life are always surrounded by family. Whether the interactions were good or bad, for me, being surrounded by family is what matters most and the holidays each year always bring that feeling back. Growing up, the holidays were always spent out in West Texas with my Grandparents, on a very modest cotton farm, smack dab in the middle of absolute nowhere. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always about food and my earliest memories were always about watching my MeeMaw prep for days on end to feed an army of 20 plus. Hours of meticulous pulling and tearing day-old bread into just the right size for turkey stuffing. She'd snap homegrown green beans at the dining room table all afternoon and gathered her eggs from the coop out back every morning for breakfast.  She was by no means a great cook, but everything was homemade, fresh from the back yard and made with time and more importantly, love.  Meals always started with a prayer and ended with a nap, and those are the food moments I'll treasure forever. Moments I'd give anything to do over. To rewind and go back to hear my PawPaw laugh over some black-eyed peas with ham hock and cornbread, that would be the moment I'll always cherish.
Hope you had a chance to make memories this holiday season with loved ones!

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